Friday, May 9, 2014



Over the last one year since the May 2013 general election Malaysia has seen an escalation in issues related to race and religion, and which invariably and most unfortunately is dragging the Rulers into it as well.

This is more visible in Peninsula Malaysia than in Sabah and Sarawak, which has seen relative peace and harmony between those of different races and religions and never experienced race riots and religious discord the likes Peninsula Malaysia has seen.

It is very convenient to blame one side or the other for this but if we want to really be honest about this then we must admit that both sides are equally guilty of this crime.

Malaysians must really tone down this rhetoric because if it gets out of control and once we pass the point of no return it would by then be too late to prevent what we most certainly would not like to see.

While the opposition blames Umno for starting this we must remember that Umno is a Malay nationalist party that upholds Islam. Hence there would certainly be a certain amount of discussion regarding the future of the Malays and the sanctity of Islam, which should not be interpreted as racism or racist talk.

DAP claims to be a multi-racial party. However, DAP appears to be Chinese-centric and its perjuangan appears very focused on Chinese issues. DAP is looking more and more like a Chinese party, even more Chinese than MCA.

To accuse Umno of racism while DAP plays up issues of race is indeed mischievous. DAP always play the victim and uses this as a defence mechanism when in fact it is the aggressor rather than the victim.

Pakatan Rakyat is facing a lot of inter-party and intra-party problems. The PKR party election is in a mess and the DAP-PAS relationship is heading for the rocks because of Hudud.

Because of this DAP is trying to distract the public from the real issue and is trying to focus attention on Umno as if Umno is the cause of all these problems.

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