Tuesday, July 8, 2014



While the whole country appears focused on the power struggle in Selangor and are placing bets on whether Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, would be out by this week, or by the end of this month, or by August, September, October, and so on, no one seems to notice an even larger issue looming over the horizon.

Talk that the warlords and kingmakers in Umno want Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak out seems to have simmered down. Is this because the move to oust Najib has ended or is it because they have resorted to underground tactics?

In Khalid’s case it is very clear. It is an open and direct assault on the Menteri Besar. In Najib’s case, it was also an open and direct assault soon after the general election last year. Of late, however, things appear to have quietened down but Najib is for sure not in the clear yet.

There are two ways to bring down a person. As the Malays would say: it can be done by jarum kasar and it can be done by jarum halus. In Khalid’s case, Anwar Ibrahim’s people are getting desperate and the longer they wait the harder it would be to oust Khalid so they are now using the jarum kasar.

In Najib’s case, they may feel that the jarum halus method is safer or, as the Malays also say, would be just like removing hair from flour. This means you remove the hair without spilling any flower -- unlike what PKR is doing in Selangor regarding the MB issue (the flour is being spattered everywhere).

What I mean is this. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin ‘reminds’, ‘warns’ or ‘threatens’ (depending on how you see it) the Chinese regarding May 13 and Najib gets blamed for it.

The Selangor religious authority triggers a controversy regarding the Bible issue and refuses to comply with the state government’s directive to return the confiscated Bibles and Najib gets blamed for it.

There is a water crisis in Selangor and Najib gets blamed for it. There are problems regarding conversions to Islam and the issue of where to bury them and who gets the children and Najib gets blamed for it.

Nothing happens in Malaysia without fingers being pointed to Najib as the cause of this problem. When Najib keeps quiet he is accused of no action and of not doing his job. When he says something he is accused of political interfering. Nothing Najib does is the correct action.

So many controversies have cropped up of late. And they seem to be increasing by the day. Even the loss of MH370 is blamed on Najib although more than a dozen more advanced countries also cannot find the plane and cannot explain what happened.

At first look it appears like some civil servants or politicians have not used their brains and have made silly mistakes. On second look, however, one wonders whether these really are blunders by not so clever people or were intentionally done by quite clever people so that Najib can be blamed for them?

If this is a jarum halus strategy to get the people to blame Najib then it might actually be working. And that is why Najib needs to beware and look around him to see if there are any enemies in the blanket, as what the Malays would say. It is time Najib took a hard line and cut off those around him who are doing more damage than good.

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