Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Najib subjected to ‘friendly fire’



The saying that the next general election is not for Pakatan Rakyat to win but for Barisan Nasional to lose does not ring any truer than now. It appears like some Barisan Nasional leaders, in particular those from Umno, are bent on helping Pakatan Rakyat form the next federal government.

During WWII, the slogan in the UK was ‘loose lips sink ships’. That meant if you do not keep your mouth shut then Britain would face the danger of the enemy taking advantage of all that loose talk, in particular regarding secrets sensitive to the security of the country.

Have we not learned from the disaster of 2008? In the euphoria to topple the then Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Barisan Nasional suffered in the 2008 general election, which it was never able to recover from in the election following that in 2013. And the current attacks by the President’s own party leaders would be more damaging.

With some Umno leaders playing the leading role in attacking the Prime Minister and party President, the opposition can sit back and relax and let Umno help Pakatan Rakyat win the election. This in essence is what is happening.

We do have some problems, no doubt, perception being the main one. However, whatever the Prime Minister may do, whether it is something good or bad, would still be twisted by the opposition. That is their job. The opposition is trying to influence the perception of the voters so that even good would be seen as bad.

It seems, however, that Umno leaders themselves are being taken in by what the opposition is saying. And it appears like Umno leaders are just aping what the opposition is saying without any regard for the damage it may do to the party.

When Umno attacks its own leaders it just lends credence to what the opposition is saying, which is Barisan Nasional is no longer fit to rule. This is what Umno themselves are saying, say the opposition. Hence Umno needs to seriously consider what the Americans would call ‘friendly fire’.

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