Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stop hassling the Prime Minister


You do not have to be a political genius to see that both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are going through a crisis. The crises are both inter-party as well as intra-party. The party that comes out of this unscathed will be the party where its leader or leaders have superb crisis management skills.

Most of West Malaysian party from either Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat are not free of an internal crisis. While we can be grateful that in Sabah we are being spared this dilemma, we cannot deny that any crisis in West Malaysia will invariably spill over and affect us.

Hence Umno President and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak would have to consider all aspects of this crisis and the repercussions all round in making his decision. Sometimes satisfying one group can end up alienating the other.

Nevertheless, in any crisis, to be able to ride it out will all depend on the support of his team, in this case his number two and the Umno Vice Presidents and Supreme Council. Any division at the top understandably would alter the landscape and influence the outcome of that crisis. This is very crucial in times of crisis.

The Hudud crisis is not Umno’s doing. But it can affect Umno. And when one leader makes a statement saying he supports Hudud while another says the opposite and yet another asks the party to take a strong stand on the issue this is opening Umno up to the danger of getting dragged into a crisis not of Umno’s own doing.

The Prime Minister has not said a word yet regarding Hudud. But many others have already done so, giving an impression that this is Umno’s official stand, which is not true at all. Sometimes I wonder whether they are just trying to be helpful or are attempting to throw a spanner into the works.
Let us wait for Prime Minister's statement on this matter.

For example, some say the Prime Minister should clear the air regarding the 1MDB impropriety allegation by the opposition. But this matter is already under investigation. Should the Prime Minister not then allow the investigation to be completed first and subject to the investigation result only then make a statement?

They accuse the Prime Minister of not allowing free speech. But when the Prime Minister allows them to talk, they say the Prime Minister should do something or take action to silence all this talk. Then when the Prime Minister sues those who lied about the 1MDB, they say he does not respect free speech.

So what do they want? Keep quiet also wrong. Take action also wrong. It appears these people are not consistent and do not really know what they want. Or maybe the real reason is they are not sincere.

It is the right of the Kelantan ruling party to approve the Sharia amendments in the Kelantan State Assembly. That is democracy. Should the Prime Minister condemn PAS for practicing democracy?

Let Parliament decide once this matter comes up for deliberation, whenever that may be. The Prime Minister is one of the 222 Members of Parliament. So there are still another 221 voices that have a right to their say in Parliament. Why make statements now, especially against the Prime Minister, as if it was the Prime Minister who pushed for Hudud in Kelantan?

Anwar Ibrahim is the opposition leader. Pakatan Rakyat refuses to remove him as opposition leader even though he is serving a jail sentence. So let Anwar state his stand on Hudud first before asking the Prime Minister to do the same. So why are these Umno leaders not aiming their comments at Anwar instead of at the Prime Minister?

And this goes for the opposition as well. Their own leader remains silent and they criticise the Prime Minister for not speaking up on Hudud.

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