Monday, March 16, 2015

We would expect more from a senior politician like Ku Li



Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) said that the Umno division leaders (ketua bahagian) are receiving RM50,000 a month plus projects. Hence this would imply that they have been bought, which also implies they will invariably support the person who has bought them off -- meaning the Prime Minister, I suppose.

There are 191 division leaders, the Prime Minister, Ku LI and I included: I am the Ketua Bahagian of Kota Belud, Sabah. Are the three of us included -- because I have not been receiving RM50,000 a month or projects -- and is Ku Li admitting that he is also receiving RM50,000 a month plus projects?

As a very senior politician, Ku Li should not be making sweeping statements. He not only tarnishes the name of the 191 Umno division heads but also the image and dignity of the whole of Umno. This gives the voters all the more reason to not support Umno in the next election if a very senior Umno leader himself admits that Umno is corrupt to the core.

In short, Ku Li is saying that Umno is corrupt and that its 191 division heads are dishonest. Now the voters can say that this is not what the opposition says but what a very senior Umno leader himself says.

This allegation is slanderous. For example, I, for one, who have not been receiving RM50,000 a month or projects, can sue Ku Li for defamation as this statement has tarnished my image since I am also a division leader.

When statements like these are made they have to be backed by evidence. If what Ku Li says is true then I take it he has the evidence to back up this allegation. Maybe Ku Li can then show us this evidence. If not, then he owes many of us who were never beneficiaries of monthly handouts an apology.

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