Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Apa lagi Tun mahu?

Salleh Said Keruak


Today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad touched on a number of issues in his blog posting. One issue was regarding the two police officers who have been convicted for murder.

Dr Mahathir says the two police officers merely acted under orders and, therefore, hanging them would be a travesty of justice. However, these two refused to testify during the trial to state that they acted under orders and neither did they say who gave that order. So how do we know they did act under orders since they never testified to that?

Is Dr Mahathir saying that the Malaysian judiciary is not honest and is capable of convicting an innocent person? This is the same thing the opposition is saying about Anwar Ibrahim’s two convictions for sodomy.

On the 1MDB issue, Dr Mahathir said the audit will revealing nothing. If we want to know whether RM42 billion has really disappeared and, if so, where the money has disappeared to, the audit would certainly be able to reveal that. And that is what the allegation is all about, that RM42 billion has disappeared.

Dr Mahathir suggests a commission of inquiry to investigate 1MDB would be better. I do not agree. Whether the commission of inquiry can do a better job than the PAC, or the external auditors, would depend on the scope and depth it has been told to investigate.

Dr Mahathir says the audit would take years and that is why it is better to hold a commission of inquiry. It is not the type of inquiry that takes time but the scope and depth of that inquiry, which includes how many witnesses need to be called to testify and how much documents need to be studied.

A commission of inquiry can, in fact, take longer than an audit if the number of people it calls and the documents it studies is large.

One thing that is puzzling is Dr Mahathir is more concerned about time and he wants everything done fast. Should not thoroughness be more of the essence than speed? Why go for speed at the expense of accuracy?

Is Dr Mahathir suggesting that the PAC drop the investigation that just started today and for the auditors to also suspend the audit and that the government should hold a commission of inquiry whose members, said Dr Mahathir, should not be chosen by the government? Who, then, should oversee this commission and decide on the composition of its members?

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