Friday, May 1, 2015

Distortions to make Najib look bad


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he has no problems with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak other than the fact that Malaysia is in debt. If Malaysia is not in debt then there is no issue.

Maybe we can look at the statistics below. From these statistics it does not give an impression that Malaysia is going bankrupt, like what the opposition is saying, or that Malaysia is worse off than many other countries.

This is the trouble when we generalise without offering statistics and details. There is just too much exaggeration, which is meant to make the Prime Minister look bad, but when we look at the details it is not as what they say.

US: Debts US$17,607 billion, 73.6% of GDP, US$55,360 per capita
Japan: Debts US$9,872 billion, 214.3% of GDP, US$77,577 per capita
China: Debts US$3,894 billion, 31.7% of GDP, US$2,885 per capita
Germany: Debts US$2,592 billion, 81.7% of GDP, US$31,945 per capita
France: Debts US$2,105 billion, 89.9% of GDP, US$31,915 per capita
UK: Debts US$2,064 billion, 88.7% of GDP, US$32,553 per capita
Singapore: Debts US370 billion, 111.4% of GDP, US$67,843 per capita
Malaysia: Debts US$167.2 billion, 54.6% of GDP, US$3,379 per capita

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