Saturday, May 2, 2015

The majority support fallacy of the opposition


The opposition loves organising ceramah, rallies and protest demonstration so that they can get crowds of people onto the streets and give an impression that the opposition has a large popular support.

The opposition gets 1,000 or 2,000 people onto the streets and they claim that this is proof the majority of Malaysians oppose the government and they then demand that the Prime Minister resigns.

Malaysia has a population of 30 million. About 18.5 million Malaysians are of voting age. About 13.5 million Malaysians are registered to vote. About 5 million Malaysians have not registered to vote. About 11 million Malaysians came out to vote in the 2013 general election. About 5.6 million Malaysians voted for the opposition.

The opposition is creating this illusion that it has majority support and that the majority of Malaysians want the Prime Minister to resign. A few thousand Malaysians, even the 10,000 Malaysians who rallied on 1st May 2015, do not represent 18.5 million eligible voters.

The opposition also keeps saying that they won 51-52% of the popular vote. What this merely means is they won 51-52% of the votes of those who turned out to vote. That represents only 30% of the eligible voters. And this would also mean that about 70% or 13 million eligible voters did not vote for the opposition.

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