Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dr Mahathir says it all

Salleh Said Keruak

This was what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in his SCMP interview with Chris Wright -- and that more or less sums up what the man is all about whom Musa Hitam said suffers from PMS or "post-prime ministerial syndrome".

Regarding his retirement:

"It was very unsettling, I would say, because you move away from a position of power to being just an ordinary person. I thought I would relax, write my memoirs, things like that. It was a little bit depressing."

"I thought the party might use me, ask for my views. But it turned out that the party doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Well, I was practically forced to [return] because I didn't expect such bad treatment by the new prime minister, who basically I elevated to that position.”

Regarding Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi:

"I thought he would be, not grateful to me, but at least not vicious to me. And he was. Within two weeks he changed everything. Rejected all the things I had started, which he promised to deliver."

"Well, I had great hopes for him. I felt my relationship with him would be very close and at least I would have the opportunity to give some views to him. Unfortunately, for the first six months, he totally ignored me."

Regarding freedom of the press:

"There is no such thing as absolute freedom of the press, not even in the most advanced countries in the world. There are things you just don't say, because it will destabilise the environment. Malaysia is particularly sensitive: we have three races here and 29 different tribes. We are divided not just by race but by religion, language, culture and economic performance. If you allow people to say what they like, there will be violence, confrontations and all that. We need stability."

Regarding Anwar Ibrahim:

"And for a person who is going to lead the country to have that kind of behaviour is not acceptable. And we see that the people who are under him fear him. So in the West this is not a crime. Our perception of what is criminal and what is not differ, but it is our perception in this country that matters to us. We cannot have a person like that, with no moral values."

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