Thursday, July 23, 2015

How is GHB being funded?

Salleh Said Keruak

Months ago there was already talk that DAP was funding the anti-ulama’ group within PAS that was trying to oust the ulama’ faction. This has created the perception that this group, who are now in the process of setting up Gerakan Harapan Baharu (GHB), is being financially-backed by DAP.

“The question of DAP going around distributing funds does not arise," The Sun Daily reported Kit Siang as saying.

Free Malaysia Today, in turn, reported Kit Siang as saying that DAP also needs funding and whoever offers donations DAP will accept and the question of whether DAP gives donations to others does not arise.

This is actually neither a denial nor a confirmation but sounds more like the issue is not important enough to discuss. But then it is important enough to discuss since GHB is not a legal entity and therefore would not have a bank account yet.

So how is the funding being done? And who is it that is paying this money? Since it cannot be by cheque then it must be in cash or is it banked into a nominee or trustee account?

The keyword here is transparency, which is the song DAP has been singing. However, from the sound of it, there is no transparency as to whether DAP is funding GHB and, if it is, whether the funding is being done in a transparent manner with proper details and accounting records or whether it is being done unofficially through nominees.

If DAP was subjected to the same standards that it is subjecting others, then we can say that DAP has now come under suspicion and due to this suspicion DAP will now have to prove that it is not guilty of breaching any laws and has followed the law in the way it is financing GHB, unless DAP has evidence that it is not funding GHB.

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