Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It is beginning to become hazy

Salleh Said Keruak

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest Blog posting is not very clear. It sounds very much like he is on the defensive and is trying to justify his actions by comparing it with what sometimes happen in other parts of the world. That is like saying since some countries use the military to oust a civil government then what is wrong if we also do the same in Malaysia.

Dr Mahathir equates BR1M as vote buying. There are some who would say the same thing about the NEP. If the NEP had ended in 1990 as planned then there would have been a strong possibility that Umno would have lost power and the opposition, which included Semangat 46 at that time, may have taken over.

So Dr Mahathir did not end the NEP because he felt it would have meant the downfall of Umno and he extended it another 25 years until today. While some call it an affirmative action plan others call it vote buying.

Dr Mahathir says he wants the Prime Minister to resign to save Umno. However, many of Dr Mahathir’s comments, especially today, are not complementary to Umno. Dr Mahathir actually paints a very negative picture of Umno although he makes it appear like he is attacking the Prime Minister and not Umno.

I worry that Dr Mahathir in his obsession to bring down the Prime Minister no longer cares whether in the same process he brings down Umno. This is what the Malays would call marah nyamuk, bakar kelambu.

Dr Mahathir wants 1MDB investigated. That is already being done. Yet he is still not satisfied and continues to attack the Prime Minister. I have asked this question before: does Dr Mahathir want to know what happened to 1MDB or does he want the Prime Minister ousted never mind whether there is or is not any wrongdoing in 1MDB?

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