Sunday, August 23, 2015

DAP is spinning a bit too far

Salleh Said Keruak

Charles Santiago, the DAP Member of Parliament for Kelang, wrote today, “A whopping RM42 billion has simply vanished from the state-owned sovereign fund, the brainchild of Najib.”

Charles added, “He is yet to say what has happened to the cash. Najib has also not come up with a plausible story for the RM2.6 billion, which found its way into the premier’s personal bank account.”

An explanation regarding 1MDB has already been given with the breakdown of the RM42 billion. Yet Santiago says that RM42 billion has ‘simply vanished’.

Santiago then says Najib has also not come up with a plausible story regarding the RM2.6 billion. Has he not been following the news? Not only has the matter been explained but also many people, some who are privy to the matter, have also made statements.

The bottom line is they keep asking the same questions over and over again while ignoring the replies to the questions and pretend as if no response has been given. And RM42 billion has not ‘simply vanished’ as Santiago alleges.

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