Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Malaysia is facing an economic sabotage

Salleh Said Keruak

The latest reports from Thailand say that the bomb blast in Bangkok yesterday was meant to sabotage Thailand’s economy. Thailand’s economy is quite dependent on tourism where around 15 million people a year visit Thailand, about 30% of that from China.

That was why the bombers targeted one of the busiest districts in Bangkok that would normally be packed with tourists and shoppers. It is reported that many of the 100 or so injured and dead were Chinese and Taiwanese.

Economic sabotage is a very powerful weapon in bringing down governments, sometimes even more potent than military action. And Malaysia is no less being spared this same economic sabotage, although not in the way they are doing it in Thailand.

In Malaysia’s case, they are going all out to undermine the credibility of the government. Western media consultants are being engaged to spin stories in foreign publications and blogs about corrupt acts being committed by the Prime Minister and about Malaysia’s economy on the verge of bankruptcy.

And to strengthen this allegation there are even efforts to attack the Ringgit to ‘prove’ that the world has totally lost confidence in Malaysia. The picture being presented is that a lower Ringgit means that Malaysia is headed for doom. They even say that Malaysia is amongst those regarded as ‘failed states’.

This is not only mischievous but treasonous as well. Economic sabotage, especially one that is engineered and financed by Malaysians, is without a doubt an act of treason. These traitors must be exposed and appropriate action be taken against them.

No longer must the country be allowed to suffer just to satisfy the political ambitions of those who wish to oust the government and grab power through unconstitutional means.

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