Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dr Mahathir wants to bring down the Najib government

Salleh Said Keruak

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad keeps repeating that a vote of no confidence should be passed against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. He even attended the Bersih rally over the weekend to demonstrate his opposition to the Prime Minister. In the same breath he accuses the Prime Minister of using money to stay in power and of buying over the Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament.

So what message is Dr Mahathir sending to Malaysians? On the one hand he says the Prime Minister has compromised the Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament. On the other hand he says a vote of no confidence should be passed against the Prime Minister. So how is that going to be done?

You need at least 112 Members of Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister. Even if you can get 30 Umno or Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament to support the vote you will still need 100% of the Members of Parliament from DAP, PAS and PKR to pull it off. That can only mean Dr Mahathir has to work with the opposition and get them to support the vote for it to succeed.

What Dr Mahathir does not tell the people is that if a vote of no confidence is successfully passed it is not just the Prime Minster who falls. It is the government that falls. That is why in other countries when a vote of no confidence is passed against any prime minister the newspapers report about the government falling, not about the prime minister falling.

The present government is the government of Najib Tun Razak. When he falls then his government falls. And that is what DAP, PAS and PKR want. And it appears like this is also what Dr Mahathir wants: the collapse of the Najib Razak government.

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