Thursday, October 22, 2015

Malaysia’s ranking in Internet development

Salleh Said Keruak

Malaysia ranks number four in the affordable Internet index in the emerging and developing countries category. Ahead of Malaysia are Costa Rica, Colombia and Turkey. Thailand ranks 13, Vietnam 22, China 23, Pakistan 25, Indonesia 27, Philippines 29, and India 30.

In the communications infrastructure sub-index category, Malaysia ranks number five with Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Turkey ahead of Malaysia.

On the other hand, Malaysia and Singapore are global leaders in instant messaging use. Singaporeans, Malaysians and Thais are among the biggest users of instant messaging in the world.

Malaysia has emerged as the leading user of instant messaging, with 77% of Malaysians using it every day. Singapore is a close second with 76% using it daily, followed by Thailand with 74%.

One reason why Malaysia leads the world in the use of instant messaging is because its smart-phone penetration has grown significantly over the past few years, said Naveen Mishra, Frost & Sullivan's Asia-Pacific (Apac) industry principal for ICT.

“In 2014, smart-phone penetration reached 51.6% from 38% in 2013. More than 21 million people use smart-phones and strong competition in the market has made affordable Internet available. Malaysians are quite technology-savvy and people across all age groups adapt to instant messaging applications quickly,” Naveen said.

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