Sunday, November 15, 2015


Salleh Said Keruak

The massacre in Paris Friday night that saw 128 dead so far and 180 wounded is the second terrorist incident this year after the Charlie Hebdo shooting and has brought back memories of the Madrid bombings in 2004 that resulted in 191 dead and 1,800 wounded.

Unfortunately, in all these tragedies it was the work of Muslims. And this is another tragedy because Islam is as much the victim as those killed and wounded. Since the incident of September 2001, Islam is perceived as a violent religion and those giving Islam this negative image are Muslims themselves.

What the west may not realise is that there are more than a billion Muslims but just a small minority commit these terrorist acts while the majority of Muslims are peace loving and reject violence. 

However, as long as the large silent majority remain silent and do not condemn such terrorist acts then it would be perceived that the silence means tacit support.

Muslims must, therefore, condemn these acts and send a strong message that violence, whether against fellow Muslims or against non-Muslims, cannot be tolerated and that Muslims reject all forms of violence whether by terrorists or state organised. Violence begets violence and history has proven that violence has never been the way to solve conflicts. 

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