Sunday, May 1, 2016

The foundation supports the structure: what BN has and Pakatan does not

Salleh Said Keruak

When we talk about an organisation structure, that can also be equated to a building structure and any engineer will tell you that the strength of the structure very much depends on the foundation. A weak foundation would not be able to support the structure as many a building disaster has proven.

Whether we are talking about a political organisation, business organisation, military organisation, government organisation, etc., it is all the same. We need a strong foundation to support an equally strong structure for the whole system to succeed.

The political turmoil in Selangor soon after the 2013 general election, followed by the break up of Pakatan Rakyat soon after that and the creation of Pakatan Harapan minus PAS, and now the mess in the Sarawak state election, the last two years has shown that the opposition lacks the foundation it needs to succeed and, therefore, it has resulted in such a weak structure that it can never be the alternative government that it claims to be.

When we talk about an alternative, it means an equal and not a lesser choice. Alternatives must be second choices and not second-class choices. In this case Pakatan Harapan is not even a second choice to Barisan Nasional because it lacks what Barisan Nasional has: a strong foundation to support the structure.

The foundation of Barisan Nasional rests on its power-sharing doctrine. In Sarawak, it extends further than that to include allowing the local Sarawakians to decide their own affairs with as little interference from the federal powers.

Pakatan Harapan cannot even decide who calls the shots, those in Kuala Lumpur or those in Sarawak. And this is what has caused the mess in Pakatan Harapan Sarawak. Yes, Pakatan Harapan talks about autonomy when they cannot even give their own party autonomy the way Barisan Nasional does.

Is this the type of government Sarawakians wants to trust their future in? No doubt, as many from both sides of the political divide allege, Sarawak is very important to Barisan Nasional. And, because it is important, Barisan Nasional will treasure Sarawak and will look after it well.

Running a government is not about a game of one-upmanship or, as they say in the west, about who wins the pissing contest. Running a government is serious business. And while Barisan Nasional is very serious, Pakatan Harapan is more concerned about squabbling over seats.

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