Monday, September 5, 2016


Salleh Said Keruak

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's attendance in court today, as a show of support to Anwar Ibrahim, is not really a shock or surprise. This is what we would call political expediency. It just shows how desperate Mahathir has become.

Mahathir knows that his new party, Pribumi, cannot go far on its own. So he needs to latch on to Pakatan Harapan like a space shuttle needs a rocket.

That is why Mahathir is trying to build a bridge with Anwar -- so as to court Pakatan. Mahathir finally admits he does not really have the strength to make his party a success. He needs to tompang on Anwar and Pakatan.

And this is in spite of what Mahathir and Anwar have been saying about each other for 18 years. Mahathir shaking Anwar's hand today was like what happened back in 1998 one day before Mahathir destroyed Anwar. Mahathir's kiss is a kiss of death.

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