Friday, December 23, 2016


Salleh Said Keruak

1. This Sunday, Christians celebrate Christmas. My family and I would like to wish to those who celebrate it  A Merry Christmas . Hopefully, this year's celebration brings happiness, peace, and prosperity to all of us.

2. Like other festivals, Christmas is also a platform that unites the people. This is because the practice of open house and visit will further strengthen the unity, foster mutual understanding and strengthen friendship.

3. In the context of the state of all races and religions, Christmas is perceived significant and should be emulated. Seeds of honour inculcated since time immemorial are so flourishing. Religious differences do not become a barrier to visit each other, sit and eat at the same table, in an atmosphere of goodwill.

4. This is the symbol of the uniqueness of our community in diversity, thus becoming a symbol of the beauty of our solidarity, especially in Sabah.

5. Personally, I have many relatives, friends and friends from among Christians. Intermarriage is common for our community in Sabah.

6. All religions teach the better way to apply and practise  the principles of humanism and tolerance. Thus, what is important is the understanding and pragmatic approach because of the fact that we are from the same ethnic stock (rumpun), and Malaysia is our homeland. Let us join forces and efforts for the sake of the country.

7. Whatever the identity, or religion, whether Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and so on, we are all responsible for ensuring the sustainable development and lasting peace in the country. For that, let us build religious harmony and strengthen tolerance. Let us reignite the culture of mutual appreciation and mutual respect.

8. At the end of 2016 is full of challenges, let's face next year with enthusiasm and hope. This year, no doubt, our country achieved tremendous success despite being in the midst of global economic turmoil.

9. Thus, in the next year 2017, let us strengthen our unity and hard work, double up our efforts for the better.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.

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