Saturday, December 31, 2016

What lies ahead of us in 2017

Salleh Said Keruak

2017 promises to be a most unpredictable and probably 'dangerous' year for the entire world. The conflict in the Middle East, if the ceasefire cannot hold, will escalate into a tragedy unequalled in history.

The war of words between Russia and America also threatens to bring us back to the era of the cold war when the world faced a doomsday scenario. Our only hope is that come the new year Trump and Putin will sit down and resolve their differences.

A lot of these misunderstandings are caused by misperceptions and misinformation and then develop into a conflict. The USA-Russia quarrel is a case in point, which is based on rumours and suspicions.

Malaysia is suffering from this same predicament. Fake stories are being spread about the country. Some say that Malaysia is going bankrupt. Then they say Tabung Haji is going bankrupt. And these negative and misleading stories continue.

Malaysians tend to accept lies and fake news as fact without properly checking the veracity and authenticity of the news. If we want to avoid falling into the rut of becoming a victim of deception then we need to verify whatever we are told.

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