Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mahathir's normal warped logic

Salleh Said Keruak

Today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad replied to the interview by HRH the Sultan of Johor that was carried by The Star yesterday and, yet again, he uses his usual warped logic to reply to His Highness.

For example, Mahathir said he was using foreign news reports as his point of reference and since these reports have not been challenged or denied then they must be true. Using that same logic much has also been said about Mahathir which he also has not denied. And it was Mahathir who said not all foreign reports are true.

Mahathir then went on to explain the difference between acceptable and unacceptable FDI. Foreigners are welcome to invest in Malaysia as long as they do not benefit and only Malaysia benefits. Investors will only invest in any country if it benefits them, such as during Mahathir's time when he allowed them tax holidays and guaranteed them cheap labour. Investors are out to make profits and not to do charity work and Mahathir knows this.

Mahathir has his own ideas on how things should be done but a lot of those ideas are outdated and no longer work. Mahathir should brush up on his knowledge on how things are done nowadays and what the word globalisation means. The world is now  borderless and Mahathir needs to come to terms with this.

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