Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kit Siang should not live in a glass house and throw stones

Salleh Said Keruak

Lim Kit Siang talks about Umno's hegemony and 60-year rule. Umno may have been in power for 60 years but the party has been led by seven party presidents over those 60 years. Kit Siang, on the other hand, has been DAP's leader for 51 years.

Many grassroots leaders have left DAP and most times the reason they give is because the party does not tolerate dissent. These dissenters accuse Kit Siang of perpetuating a dictatorship and of building a political dynasty. If only some say this you could raise doubts but when scores say this there must be some truth in the allegation.

Kit Siang is the least qualified to criticise Umno when DAP epitomises an undemocratic party where no one is allowed to criticise its leaders or challenge its authority.  Does Kit Siang not realise he is spitting into the wind?

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