Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mahathir is merely a means to split the Malays


In the latest episode of Insight Talk, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Kit Siang conduct a joint-interview with Jahabar Sadiq. Although they are both very evasive and refuse to call a spade a spade, the message is very clear. Kit Siang tries to deflect the fact that his main objective is to defeat Umno  by saying that if Umno is defeated it will be good for the Malays as well as Umno. In other words, defeating Umno would be doing Umno and the Malays a favour.

They then talk about the voters from the Malay heartland and how they need to erode Umno’s influence in those areas if they want to defeat Umno. For that to happen the Malays need to be divided because a united Malay community would be to the advantage of Umno. It is clear from what they say that Mahathir’s job is to divide the Malays so that the DAP-led Pakatan can come to power.

The fact that Kit Siang no longer regards Mahathir as the ‘father of racism’ or ‘public enemy number one’ shows that DAP’s stand on Mahathir has changed from negative to positive. Kit Siang no longer wants to talk about Mahathir’s past when he was Prime Minister or ask that Mahathir be brought to book to account for what he did, like how Kit Siang used to talk in the past. Using Mahathir to split the Malay voters is more important is the new political philosophy of Kit Siang.

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