Thursday, June 21, 2018

Umno party elections: let democracy prevail  

Salleh Said Keruak

This is the first time since 1987 that democracy is being fully-practiced in the Umno party election with all posts, including the top two posts, being contested. In the past, only a handful of 2,000 plus delegates chose the party leaders on behalf of more than three million members from 191 Umno divisions. Then there was the ten bonus votes system for a while, followed by the ‘no-contest for number one and two’ policy. All this was inherited from the 1980s era.

Today, for the second time, more than 150,000 Umno members will choose the party leaders, and for the first time, the top two posts are being keenly contested. This is what democracy is all about and is good for the party. Finally, it will be left to the members to decide who should lead the party and what they would like for the party.

This not only augurs well for democracy but for the party as well. We must respect the wishes and democratic right of the members to decide the party’s future. Umno members are more mature than we sometimes give them credit for. They know what needs to be done and who should be the ones entrusted in doing it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri  

Salleh Said Keruak
The festival or Eid, or Aidilfitri as it is called in Malaysia, is more than just a religious festival to Malaysians. No doubt the religious significance of Eid Mubarak is to celebrate the end of the one-month fasting during the month of Ramadan. But since long before Merdeka, Aidilfitri has taken on a more national rather that Muslim celebration.
Only in Malaysia, you can see Malaysians of all races and religious beliefs celebrating Hari Raya together in the spirit of comradeship and brotherhood unlike other celebrations. Second to that would probably be the celebration of Chinese New Year. So, Hari Raya is very important not only from the religious standpoint but from the aspect of nation-building and racial harmony as well.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish Malaysians of all races and religions a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Let us carry forward the spirit of ‘Anak Malaysia’ and strengthen it through Hari Raya.

UMNO Sabah bersama UMNO Pusat, hormati keputusan Empat parti Sarawak tinggalkan BN

Salleh Said Keruak

UMNO Sabah menghormati keputusan Parti-Parti Sarawak untuk keluar dari BN atas alasan-alasan yang dinyatakan. Kita ucapkan selamat berjuang .

Di Sabah, masih ramai ahli-ahli dan penyokong-penyokong parti yang masih setia dengan perjuangan UMNO. Mereka telah bekerja keras untuk memenangkan calun calun BN semasa PRU 14. Kita tidak akan meninggalkan UMNO Malaysia hanya kerana kegagalan membentuk Kerajaan. Setiakawan mesti kita pelihara. Kita harus terus memperkukuhkan parti sebagai pilihan alternatif kepada rakyat. Apa pun tindakan yang diambil semestinya melalui muafakat antara kita. Tindakan tergopoh-gopoh akan merugikan kita.

Ketika ini kita tumpukan untuk menentukan proses pemilihan kepimpinan parti yang berlangsung pada 30 Jun akan berjalan lancar.

Berbeza pendirian politik bukannya satu kesalahan dan tidak semestinya bermusuh. Kita amalkan politik matang demi Negara dan Rakyat Malaysia tercinta.

Salleh Said Keruak
Timbalan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Sabah

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Malaysia’s tragedy-mired celebrations

Salleh Said Keruak

Hari Raya is the most joyous period for Muslims when they get to balek kampung every year or even once every two years for some people. It is a time when many spend months planning and eagerly await the day.

Unfortunately, this is also a period when tragedy is at its highest due to the peak in road accidents. And this happens not only during Hari Raya but for most festivals and holidays.

In spite of all the road safety campaigns, the accident rate and death toll is still alarmingly high. It is time that we become conscious of this and not allow this joyous occasion to be marred by tragedy.

Friday, June 8, 2018

A sign of mature politics

Salleh Said Keruak

When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad visited Kelantan after he retired as the Prime Minister the Kelantan Menteri Besar, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, put politics aside and paid the ex-PM a visit. Last week, the head of Pakatan Harapan Terengganu dropped in to meet the Menteri Besar to offer whatever help the opposition can extend the state government.

Umno’s acting-President, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, showed the same mature politics when he made a courtesy call on Prime Minister Dr Mahathir and this should be commended as well. In fact, the PAS leadership also did the same earlier in the same spirit of maturity.

There is a time for politics and a time to put the country’s interest above politics. It will take time for this culture to get acceptance in Malaysia .

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Now let’s get down to business

Salleh Said Keruak

The general election is over and the new government has been formed and we do not expect the next general election until at least another five years or thereabouts from now. So maybe it is time to tone down the political campaigning and get down to running the country. There is much that needs to be done until we face the voters again in GE15.

Utmost to most of us in Sabah and Sarawak are the issues that have been raised these last few years and the promises made in the run-up to GE14. Sabah and Sarawak have different needs compared to those in Peninsular Malaysia and what is dear to the hearts of Sabahans and Sarawakians is the Malaysian Agreement.

The Federal Government needs to make it clear what its plans for Sabah and Sarawak are taking into consideration the two different state governments that exist here. Most of the promises made are based on if Pakatan Harapan forms the Federal Government, which now has happened, and not whether Pakatan Harapan forms the State Governments in Sabah and Sarawak.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Kudos to our police force  

Salleh Said Keruak

The Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun, said 15 suspects were nabbed between March 27 to May 9 by the Special Branch’s counter-terrorism division in a series of operations in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Kelantan and Sabah. This operation pre-empted terrorist attacks on entertainment outlets, churches, Hindu temples and polling stations planned during the recent general election.

We must commend the police force for thwarting what could have resulted in chaos and loss of lives during the election period. Members of the public do not really know what goes on behind the scenes and what PDRM, in particular the Special Branch, is doing to ensure the safety of Malaysians and the peace and stability of the country.

Malaysia’s Special Branch was considered one of the best intelligence agencies in the world during the Malayan Emergency period and we must ensure this continues to be so. Every day we read about terrorist attacks in cities all over the world and with ‘lone wolf’ operations it is getting harder to detect and pre-empt terrorist attacks. Security must be the first priority of the new government as recent developments have proven.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Anda tidak boleh menahan perubahan

Salleh Said Keruak

PRU14 pada 9 Mei 2018 merupakan salah satu lagi perubahan kerajaan yang berlaku di seluruh dunia. Pada tahun 1800an, tidak lama selepas Perang Napoleon, yang dikenali sebagai  era revolusi atau “The Age of Revolutions', beberapa empayar runtuh dan republik baru muncul.

Kemudian tahun 1900an, kita melihat nasionalisme mencapai tahap ketinggian yang baru antara era WWI dan WWII. Kini, 100 tahun kemudian, ia berlaku sekali lagi.

Tidak dapat dielakkan bahawa Malaysia juga mengalami apa yang sedang berlaku di seluruh dunia. Seperti mana kata perpatah, sama ada kita berubah atau kita akan diubah. Dan pada masa kini orang mahu perubahan hanya semata-mata untuk merasa perubahan walaupun tidak ada sebab untuk melakukan perubahan. Inilah yang kerajaan perlu sentiasa ingat apabila angin untuk perubahan menyapu dunia.

You cannot resist change

Salleh Said Keruak

The 9th May 2018 GE14 is just one more in a series of changes of governments all over the world. Back in the 1800s, soon after the Napoleonic Wars, what is known as 'The Age of Revolutions', empires collapsed and new republics emerged.

Then the 1900s saw nationalism reach new heights between the WWI and WWII period. Now, 100 years later, it is happening all over again.

It is inevitable that Malaysia also experiences what the whole world is going through. There is a saying: either we change or we will be changed. And nowadays people want change just to taste change even if there is no reason for change. And this is what governments need to constantly remember when the mood for change sweeps the world.

Local Council Elections  

Salleh Said Keruak

The new Housing and Local Government Minister, YB Zuraida Kamaruddin, said the Pakatan Harapan government will reintroduce local council elections within three years. This is in keeping with the opposition promise since the last 20 years that it would reintroduce local government elections if it came to power at federal level.

Most Malaysians do not realise that Malaysia used to have local government elections until 1965 when they were suspended. There is good and bad in local government elections, just like there is good and bad in everything. And one good thing is the local councillors will no longer be appointed but will be elected, which would translate to more democracy and transparency.

Many local councils do not have professionals as councillors since the first criteria for their appointment is party loyalty. With local council elections, the rakyat and not the political parties get to choose the councillors to look after their interest. This may be bad for the party but it will be good for the rakyat. The way forward is transparency and professionalism and by electing the councillors this can be assured.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

How Malaysians have matured  

Salleh Said Keruak

In the 1999 general election, there was a wave of support towards the opposition but many, especially the non-Malays, voted Barisan Nasional because they were worried that if they voted opposition there would be trouble. In fact, there was ‘strong talk’ that if Barisan lost its two-thirds majority in parliament there would be a repeat of what happened in 1969.

In 2008, Barisan Nasional did lose its two-thirds majority in parliament but there was no trouble. And this month Barisan lost the federal government and many state governments and still there was no trouble. Malaysians are actually more mature than we give them credit for.

Even more important is that Barisan Nasional is also mature enough to gracefully accept defeat and respect the will of the people. The people have spoken and suara rakyat is suara keramat. What Barisan needs to do now is to prove to the people that it is a credible opposition and worthy enough to return as the government in the future.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Internet communications development: the way forward  

Salleh Said Keruak

It is gratifying that YB Gobind Singh Deo, the new Minister of Communications and Multimedia, has immediately laid down his plans for the future, which incudes faster Internet at half the price. That is precisely the direction most countries are moving in this age when the Internet is the backbone of banking and commerce.

We must not always politicise government policies and whenever the previous policies work they should be continued and whenever the new government policies are sound we must also support them in the spirit of non-partisan. Even more important is the policy to liberalise the media and communications industry and to allow free access to information as part of education and nation-building.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My congratulations to YB Gobind  

Salleh Said Keruak

I congratulate YB Gobind Singh Deo on his appointment as the new Communications and Multimedia minister.

Being an experienced parliamentarian and a practising lawyer, I am confident he has the leadership qualities to helm the ministry.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Malaysia's Economy: Getting Closer to High-Income Status  

Salleh Said Keruak

“Malaysia's Economy: Getting Closer to High-Income Status,” said the IMF (International Monetary Fund) on 7th March 2018. “Malaysia’s economy continues to perform strongly, with higher than anticipated growth at 5.8 percent in 2017, and projected growth of 5.3 percent for 2018, according to the IMF. The country is well on its way to achieving high-income status. But to pass the finish line, the authorities will have to step up reforms to boost productivity and raise living standards for its 32 million citizens,” the IMF said.

The IMF added, “Malaysia’s economy is showing resilience and is performing strongly. Growth is running above potential, driven by strong global demand for electronics and improved terms of trade for commodities, such as oil and gas. On the domestic front, Malaysia’s strong employment is boosting private consumption, and investment is also helping to drive growth.”

This is very heartening to read and helps the new government to build up the country even further on the foundation of this very solid footing. The IMF concluded by saying that, “As Malaysia’s public debt continues to decline, the IMF is recommending that the government shift toward raising revenues, rather than achieving its goals through continued cuts in public spending.”

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Petanda kematangan

Salleh Said Keruak

Mereka mengatakan sangat sukar untuk menerima sesuatu kekalahan atau kegagalan. Malah lebih sukar lagi untuk menguruskan kemenangan atau kejayaan. Dalam kekalahan atau kegagalan, anda berusaha untuk memperbaiki diri supaya dapat menjadi lebih baik. Dalam kemenangan atau kejayaan, anda  berdepan dengan risiko membenarkan diri anda alpa dengan kejayaan itu.

Barisan Nasional buat kali pertama mengalami kekalahan. Itulah yang berlaku dalam politik di mana kemenangan dan kekalahan merupakan sebahagian daripada adat pertandingan. Jadi Barisan mesti belajar bagaimana menerima kekalahanya secara terhormat. Itu akan menunjukkan kematangannya.

Untuk pemenang pula, mereka perlu belajar supaya bermurah hati dalam sesuatu kemenangan. Kebebasan dan keadilan awam (Civil Liberties) bukan hanya mengenai perlunya ada perbicaraan yang adil di mahkamah tetapi juga cara bagaimana seseorang itu diperlakukan sebelum beliau diadili dan didapati bersalah. Pelanggaran terbesar kebebasan awam (Civil Liberties) adalah menafikan hak seseorang itu untuk dilayan dengan bermaruah.

The mark of maturity  

Salleh Said Keruak

They say it is very difficult to manage defeat or failure and even more difficult to manage victory or success. In defeat or failure, you strive to better yourself. In victory or success, you run the risk of allowing it to get to your head.

Barisan Nasional for the first time is experiencing defeat. That is normal in politics where winning and losing is part of the game. So Barisan must now learn how to manage its defeat and be gracious in the face of defeat. That would be the mark of maturity.

The winner, too, must learn how to be gracious in victory. Civil liberties and justice is not just about a fair trial in a court of law but in how one is treated before one is put on trial and pronounced guilty. The greatest violation of civil liberties is to deny a person his or her right to be treated with dignity.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ramadan dan pembinaan negara  

Salleh Said Keruak

Selain aspek-aspek keagamaan pada bulan Ramadan, kewajiban berpuasa selama sebulan bagi umat Islam membawa aspek-aspek positif tertentu dalam pembinaan negara. Berpuasa pada bulan Ramadan dilakukan secara komunal di mana keluarga dan rakan-rakan berkumpul untuk berpuasa. Jarang  'berbuka dalam perjalanan' seperti mereka yang sibuk sehingga tidak mempunyai masa untuk duduk dan berbuka puasa bersama-sama.

Berbuka puasa mengingatkan kita kepada keluarga tentang kenikmatan berbuka puasa bersama-sama dengan orang yang tersayang.  Kawan dan rakan sekerja, sama ada yang Islam atau sebaliknya, bersosial dan mengukuhkan hubungan. Ini tidak berlaku sekiranya tidak kerana puasa. Tidak ada cara yang lebih baik untuk menjaga hubungan yang kukuh daripada duduk bersama untuk menikmati hidangan dan keseronokan ditemani antara satu sama lain.

Malaysia adalah sebuah negara majmuk dan apabila semua etnik dan berlainan agama dapat bergaul dan bersosial, walaupun dalam tradisi agama, maka kita dapat diyakini hubungan dan kestabilan antara etnik adalah kuat. Ramadan memberikan peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia membuktikan mereka adalah rakyat Malaysia, bukan sahaja apabila dapat berkumpul di meja makan kerana makanan, tetapi juga sebagai faktor penyatuan.

Selamat berpuasa.

Ramadan and nation-building  

Salleh Said Keruak

Setting aside the religious aspects of fasting during the month of Ramadan, the one-month religious obligation for Muslims brings out certain positive aspects in nation-building. The breaking of fast during Ramadan is done on a communal basis where family and friends get together to break their fast. Seldom do people ‘eat on the run’ like how our normally busy schedule dictates where we have no time to sit and eat or even eat together.

The breaking of the fast reminds families about the enjoyment of sharing a feast with loved ones. Friends and colleagues, whether Muslims or otherwise, socialise and strengthen their ties, which they would not do if not because of the fast. There is no better way of keeping those bonds strong than sitting together to enjoy a meal and the pleasure of each other’s company.

Malaysia is a plural society and when those of all ethnicities and religious persuasions are able to mingle and socialise, even during a religious tradition, then we can be assured of strong inter-ethnic relations and stability. Ramadan offers that opportunity for Malaysians to demonstrate they are Malaysians when they come together at the dining table because food, to Malaysians, is a uniting factor.

Selamat berpuasa.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Perubahan yang mesti

Salleh Said Keruak

Satu-satunya hal yang tetap dalam hidup adalah perubahan. Itu sendiri satu percanggahan kerana jika ia tetap maka ia tidak berubah. Dan tidak mudah menerima perubahan kerana manusia secara semula jadi tahan terhadap sebarang perubahan. Kebanyakan ingin mengambil jalan yang kurang rintangan seperti meniti sungai yang mengalir menuju ke laut. Tetapi seseorang tidak boleh mengelakkan perubahan seperti yang tidak dapat mengelakkan kematian. Akhirnya ia datang untuk kita semua.

Sudah tentu, perubahan tidak semestinya lebih baik tetapi ia tetap akan berlaku. Apa yang dahulunya empayar yang besar seperti Greece, Portugal, Sepanyol, Rom dan sebagainya tetapi pada hari ini berada di ambanh keruntuhan. Namun, satu perkara yang pasti adalah bahawa semua empayar besar yang kini hilang tidak akan menjadi empayar yang hebat semula. Sebaik sahaja ia hilang, ia hilang untuk kebaikan.

Kita perlu menerima perubahan ketika ia sampai kerana menentangnya adalah seperti melawan arus, satu usaha yang sia-sia. Dan kita perlu memberi masa untuk membuktikan sama ada perubahan itu baik atau buruk. Dan jika ia buruk maka agen perubahan akan membawa perubahan lagi. Tetapi perubahan itu tidak akan membawa kita kembali kepada apa yang dulu kerana apa yang dulu tidak akan ada di sana. Itulah kelemahan perubahan.

Change we must  

Salleh Said Keruak

The only constant thing in life is change. That in itself as a contradiction because if it is constant then it does not change. And it is not easy to accept change because humans by nature are resistant to change. Most would like to take the path of least resistance like a meandering river finding its way to the sea. But one cannot avoid change just like one cannot avoid death. Eventually it comes for all of us.

Of course, change may not always be for the better but it comes nevertheless. What used to be the great empires of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Rome and so on today hang in the balance on the verge of collapse. One thing for sure, though, is that all the great empires now lost will never become great empires again. Once it is gone it is gone for good.

We need to embrace change when it comes because resisting it is like resisting the tide, a futile exercise. And we need to give it time to prove whether that change is good or bad. And if it is bad then the agent of change will yet again bring about change. But that change will never revert to what used to be because what used to be would no longer be there. That is the downside of change.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Thank you, Malaysia

Salleh Said Keruak

Defeat is not easy to take and most certainly very humbling. But what a person is made of reflects in how he or she can remain graceful in the face of defeat.

On 9th May 2018, the people have spoken and we have to abide by the wishes of the people in the spirit of suara rakyat ialah suara keramat. In politics there is no greater force than the will of the people, and we have to accept whatever comes.

Thank you, Malaysia, for having allowed me to serve the nation.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The opposition is using fake news to preempt their defeat

Salleh Said Keruak

By now the opposition pact knows they are going to lose GE14 tomorrow. So they are intensifying the spreading of fake news to say that the election process is rigged and Barisan Nasional is going to win through election fraud.

They said the same thing in GE13 and the international observers came out to say they did not find any evidence to support the allegation. In this GE14 there are also international observers to monitor the election process.

Malaysia's election process is foolproof and it is not easy to cheat. The allegation of rampant cheating is a lie and the news is fake. The real issue is the opposition cannot accept defeat gracefully.

Monday, May 7, 2018


Salleh Said Keruak

Lim Kit Siang is in a dilemma because the Chinese are not responding positively to the PKR symbol as he had hoped and there appears to be some resistance. He should have listened to Chen Man Hin instead of listening to Mahathir in the choice of party symbol because the DAP supporters are more familiar with the 'Rocket' symbol.

Now DAP is attempting to do damage control by displaying both the PKR symbol as well as DAP's rocket symbol so that they can pacify their Chinese supporters as well as win over the opposition Malays. Kit Siang hopes they can then retain their Chinese support and at the same time win Malay support, which is a sort of deception and shows DAP is not confident of the PKR symbol.

DAP thought they were being clever by hiding behind the PKR symbol. And now that this has upset the Chinese they are 'bringing back' the rocket symbol while not wanting to discard the PKR symbol. And this is creating an even bigger mess for DAP.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Migration to the big cities for work is normal the world over  

Salleh Said Keruak

PKR’s Deputy President Azmin Ali insulted the Kelantan Government by saying that many Kelantanese migrate to Selangor to seek employment because the government cannot guarantee them employment.

When PAS was in coalition with PKR from 1999 to 2015, the opposition would use Kelantan as the best example of a well-run opposition state. Now Azmin mocks Kelantan because GE14 is around the corner.

Actually, people from all over Malaysia travel to Selangor to work. This has been going on for a long time before PKR took over Selangor in 2008. This is the same in many countries the world over. If Azmin wants to look for issues to hit at PAS then look for sensible issues.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The reality of the opposition pact and who holds the power

Salleh Said Keruak

Zaid Ibrahim said DAP is a Chinese party and that is not wrong since Umno is a Malay party. While that is correct, the reality is, out of 222 parliament seats, more than 100 are Malay majority while more than two-thirds are Malay and Bumiputera majority. It is therefore crucial that DAP downplays its ‘Chinese-ness’ if it wants to win more than just 40 or 45 seats in parliament.

That is the reason for DAP’s strategy of discarding its rocket logo and for their candidates to contest under PKR’s logo. They need to create the perception that DAP is not dominating the opposition pact or else that will put off the Malay voters. DAP themselves admit that the use of PKR’s logo to contest GE14 is meant to win more Malay votes.

As usual, DAP is going to end up winning more seats than the other members of the opposition pact and that would mean DAP gets to dictate who becomes Prime Minister. While Dr Wan Azizah Ismail may be PKR’s President, the largest number of parliament seats would be won by DAP and not PKR. So DAP will call the shots as to who becomes Prime Minister and it will not be Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Opposition pact makes strange bedfellows 

Salleh Said Keruak

The opposition pact of Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Wan Azizah Ismail and Lim Kit Siang, with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, makes strange bedfellows. When at one time they were bent on destroying one another, even political expediency is no excuse for them to work together. 

Worse still is when they offer lame excuses to explain and justify their pact. At one time Anwar, Wan Azizah and Kit Siang opposed Mahathir on the excuse they need to save Malaysia. Now they unite with Mahathir on that same excuse of saving Malaysia.

We must not forget that in 1993 Kit Siang condemned Anwar and demanded his resignation and even accused him of lying to Parliament. Then he works with Anwar. Then Kit Siang said if the opposition comes to power they will make Mahathir pay for his crimes. And now he works with Mahathir.

This is clear evidence that the opposition pact is merely a marriage of convenience with each party having their own agenda. This is not about the interest of the nation but about the pursuit of political power. The opposition pact will not last and if they come to power the nation will suffer. This is the reality of the opposition pact.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Is the opposition pact losing sight of purpose?

Salleh Said Keruak

It appears that the opposition pact's main purpose in GE14 is in fielding candidates in either sure-win constituencies or in defeating certain targetted candidates from Barisan Nasional. The opposition is treating GE14 like a popularity contest to see which side's candidate is more popular.

The purpose of general elections is to choose the better government or the best government for the country. General elections are not contests between egos and to see who wins the personality contests. It is about who can better-run the country and the future of Malaysia.

The opposition pact is sending the wrong message to Malaysians. Challenging so-and-so to contest in a certain constituency to prove he is 'anak jantan' is not what democratic elections is all about. This is not a boxing match to prove who is 'lagi gagah dan berani'. What happened to the concept of service to the rakyat?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

It is now time for reflection

Salleh Said Keruak

GE14 will be upon us in about three weeks' time after five years of campaigning. Yes, that is how long the election campaign has lasted: five years. That is because the opposition pact started the campaign for GE14 the day after GE13.

Barisan Nasional focuses more on running the country than on attacking the other side of the political divide like what the opposition pact does. We cannot main politik every single day of our lives. There comes a time when we need to do some work.

It is now time for Malaysians to reflect what the government has achieved in the last five years. Barisan Nasional is a people-centric government. And we know the people are the boss and the people will judge us at the ballot box. And that is why we always have the peoples' welfare at heart.

So judge Barisan Nasional on our performance and not on empty rhetoric. Making false and unachievable promises is easy. Delivering them is not so easy. But Barisan Nasional delivers what it promises, as our track record shows.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A sign Pakatan is going to lose GE14  

Salleh Said Keruak

Just before the 2013 General Election, the Pakatan Rakyat leaders went all over the country saying that Barisan Nasional was going to cheat to win the election. After the election, they said that the lights went out due to a power failure in certain places while the votes were being counted, extra ballot boxes were brought in to certain places, tens of thousands of phantom voters were flown in from Bangladesh, and so on.

All this was later proven false. Even the Bangladesh Embassy denied that tens of thousands of its nationals were flown in to vote in Malaysia, which would require more than 100 chartered planes. And the places where they said the lights went out confirmed that they never experienced any power failure plus the opposition workers in the places where they said extra ballot boxes were brought in denied that incident.

This was merely a pre-emptive strike on the part of Pakatan. They knew they would not win GE13 so before the election they ‘predicted’ they would lose due to fraud and after the election they raised all sorts of allegations of fraud to explain why they lost. Now they are doing it again. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in his blog today that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is going to cheat in GE14 on 9 May 2018 so that when they lose the election they can save face by blaming it on fraud like they did in 2013.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mahathir's Plan B is to deny BN a two-thirds win

Salleh Said Keruak

Lim Guan Eng alleged that the date of GE14 is aimed at reducing the voter turnout on 9th May 2018. By now Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has accepted the fact that Pakatan Harapan is going to suffer not only defeat in GE14 but a drubbing as well. Umno and Barisan Nasional are poised to make Mahathir and Pakatan eat humble pie. And Mahathir is fully aware of this.

The best Mahathir can hope for is that Barisan Nasional will not win a two-thirds majority but a simple majority of about 60% of the seats in Parliament. Mahathir would then spin this as Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's 'failure'. The issue would be not that BN won the election but that they failed to win two-thirds.

Mahathir is going all out to try to deny BN a two-thirds win in GE14 since Pakatan is going to be defeated. Mahathir hopes this can then be presented as Najib's failure so that he can instigate Umno to oust Najib. Mahathir tells Pakatan they need to save Malaysia by ousting Umno and then he tells Umno they need to oust Najib to save Umno.


Salleh Said Keruak

1. SPR telah memilih 28 April (Sabtu) sebagai hari penamaan calon dan 9 Mei (Rabu) sebagai hari mengundi bagi PRU-14. Namun, nampaknya ada suara-suara sumbang yang memprotes tarikh tersebut. Mereka mempersoalkan mengapa SPR memilih hari mengundi pada hari bekerja (Rabu) kerana kononnya boleh menimbulkan masalah kepada pengundi yang ingin pulang ke kampung untuk membuang undi. Mereka mendakwa tarikh ini sengaja dipilih SPR kerana mahukan peratusan keluar mengundi yang rendah untuk memberi kelebihan kepada Umno.

2.Saya ingin tegaskan bahawa ini bukanlah kali pertama pengundian diadakan pada hari bekerja. Jika kita lihat pada PRU pada tahun 1995 dan 1999, hari pengundian juga diadakan pada hari bekerja. Ini kerana yang pihak yang  berkuasa menentukan tarikh pilihan raya adalah iaitu SPR. Ia merupakan sebuah badan bebas yang dilantik oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong selepas berunding dengan Majlis Raja-raja.

3. Hari pengundian bukanlah isu utama kerana banyak kelonggaran diberikan pada hari mengundi samada penjawat awam dan pekerja swasta. Justeru, saya amat berharap supaya kempen PRU 2018 ini akan berjalan secara berhemah. Janganlah terlalu cepat mengkritik dan menabur fitnah kononnya kerajaan BN mahukan peratusan rakyat keluar mengundi yang rendah. Kita merupakan sebuah kerajaan yang telus dan semestinya peratusan keluar mengundi meningkat. Pastinya sasaran peratusan mengundi perlulah melebihi daripada purata 85% seperti yang berlaku pada PRU 2013. Ini adalah semangat kita.

4. Justeru, marilah kita sama-sama keluar mengundi dan menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Semoganya PRU 2018 berjalan dengan lancar dan rakyat yang layak mengundi dapat menjalani proses demokrasi untuk masa depan negara kita.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Salleh Said Keruak

1. Malam tadi, saya turut berada di Stadium Bukit Jalil mendengar pengumuman Presiden BN memperkenalkan Manifesto BN dalam menghadapi PRU 2018. Reaksi segera saya setelah mendengar ucapan tersebut ialah agendanya realistik, manifestonya terbaik, komprehensif dan praktikal untuk rakyat Malaysia. Manifesto ini komprehensif kerana menjanjikan  inisiatif -inisiatif untuk dilaksanakan, termasuklah memberi perhatian kepada permintaan rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak. Melihat kepada tepukan dan sorak ahli di Stadium malam tadi, hati saya berkata itu adalah sorakan keyakinan rakyat kepada manifesto BN kerana BN terbukti telah mampu menunaikan 99.4% janjinya dalam PRU 2013 yang lalu.

2. Saya teruja dengan cara Presiden parti membentangkan manifesto BN semalam. Berbeza dengan cara sebelumnya, kali ini Presiden membentangkannya dengan mengangkat keperluan setiap negeri secara adil dan menyeluruh. Dalam manifesto bertajuk “Bersama BN Hebatkan Negaraku”, antara lain Presiden BN menjanjikan komitmen berikut: memberi tambahan BR1M kepada golongan sasar, menurunkan had kadar faedah dan caj lewat bayar kad kredit, mengurangkan kos langganan jalur lebar 50% dan gandakan kelajuan, meningkatkan bantuan RM500 untuk bayi baru lahir di bawah program ADAM50, tujuh hari cuti tahunan bagi golongan ibu untuk menjaga anak-anak yang sakit, memperkenalkan sekolah beraliran Inggeris di Sabah dan Sarawak sebagai projek rintis, memenuhi Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 berdasarkan konsensus, menghapuskan harga berbeza untuk Semenanjung Malaysia dan Sabah-Sarawak, dan memperkasa komuniti Dayak dan Kadazandusun.

3. Setelah menelitinya, saya menilai manifesto BN adalah terbaik dan  berjaya menenggelamkan manifesto PH. Dengan manifesto sebaik ini, maka ini membuktikan BN adalah parti yang menitikberatkan kepentingan rakyat bagi membolehkan rakyat menikmati kehidupan yang lebih baik.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Malaysia’s 14th General Election is not 'too late'  

Salleh Said Keruak

Critics of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak are saying that he is scared of holding the 14th General Election because he is not confident Barisan Nasional can win the general election. That is actually nonsense, as the dates of the previous general elections held under the previous two Prime Ministers can show.

GE8: 21 October 1990
GE9: 25 April 1995
GE10: 29 November 1999
GE11: 21 March 2004
GE12: 8 March 2008
GE13: on 5 May 2013

Traditionally, general elections  in Malaysia have always been held between four to five years of the first sitting of Parliament. And the last general election was held less than five years ago. In fact, GE14 must legally be held the latest by August, which is four months from now.

If the opposition wants to raise issues at least let them be legitimate issues and not nonsensical issues merely as an attempt to fool Malaysians. Dissolving Parliament tomorrow is not ‘too late’ as the opposition says. In fact, it is two months earlier than required.

The opposition strategy is to fool Malaysians into thinking that Najib and BN are scared of losing GE14, which is why Najib is delaying the general election. GE14 is not being delayed. It is just in time. And this is what the opposition is denying.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tsunami Melayu' dan logo PKR

Salleh Said Keruak

Rafizi Ramli berkata kajian Invoke telah mendedahkan bahawa Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad gagal mencetuskan 'Tsunami Melayu'.
"Sekiranya anda bertanya kepada saya apakah akan terjadi tsunami disebabkan oleh PPBM dan Dr Mahathir, saya katakan tidak, itu tidak akan berlaku. Saya memberitahu perkara ini setiap hari kepada Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin dan pemimpin parti mereka dan mereka menerimanya, "kata Rafizi.

Pemimpin Pakatan Harapan dan beberapa penganalisis politik telah mengatakan bahawa 'Tsunami Cina' yang bermula pada tahun 2008 telah memuncak pada tahun 2013. Ini bermakna Pakatan lebih kurang sudahpun memaksimumkan asas sokongan cina dan jika mereka mahu menang lebih daripada 80 kerusi parlimen tanpa bantuan PAS, maka ia harus berlatarbelakangkan 'Tsunami Melayu'.

Dan itu sepatutnya menjadi peranan Mahathir dan PPBM, dan ini yang dikatakan Rafizi sebagai gagal berlaku. Dan tanpa 'Tsunami Melayu' ini, pencapaian Pakatan Harapan mungkin lebih buruk daripada pada pilihan raya umum 2013, apatah lagi memenangi 120 kerusi Parlimen yang mereka sasarkan.

Dan sebab itulah Pakatan Harapan mungkin menggunakan logo PKR sebagai logo Pakatan Harapan. DAP berkata ia tidak menggunakan logonya sendiri dalam PRU14 manakala logo PAN mungkin menyebabkan pengundi Cina menjauhkan diri kerana imej Islamnya. Jadi yang tinggal hanyalah logo PKR. Penggunaan logo PKR sebagai logo bersama adalah strategi mereka untuk *memperdayakan* orang Melayu untuk mempercayai bahawa Pakatan menjadi lebih Melayu.

Pakatan’s ‘Malay Tsunami’ and PKR’s logo  

Salleh Said Keruak

Rafizi Ramli said Invoke’s study has revealed that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has failed to trigger a ‘Malay Tsunami’. “Sekiranya anda bertanya kepada saya apakah akan berlaku tsunami disebabkan PPBM dan Dr Mahathir, saya katakan tidak, itu tidak akan berlaku. Saya beritahu perkara ini setiap hari kepada Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin dan pemimpin parti mereka dan mereka menerimanya,” said Rafizi.

Pakatan Harapan’s leaders and a number of political analysts have said that the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ that started in 2008 had already peaked in 2013. That means Pakatan has more or less maximised its Chinese support base and if they want to go higher than the 80 or so parliament seats Pakatan is expected to win without the help of PAS then it has to be against the backdrop of a 'Malay Tsunami'.

And that was supposed to be the role of Mahathir and PPBM, and which Rafizi said has failed to happen. And without this ‘Malay Tsunami’, Pakatan Harapan might do even worse than in the 2013 general election let alone win the 120 or so parliament seats they are aiming for.

And that is why Pakatan Harapan might have to use PKR’s logo as Pakatan Harapan’s common logo. DAP said it is not using its logo in GE14 while PAN’s logo might put off the Chinese voters due to its Islamic image. So that leaves only PKR's logo. Pakatan's use of PKR’s logo as its common logo is their strategy to fool the Malays into believing that this now makes Pakatan more Malay.

Monday, April 2, 2018


This is why Malaysia and countries around the world are introducing laws to fight it.

Article by Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Malaysia.

2nd April 2018

1.    Over the past few days, since the Government’s Anti-Fake News Bill 2018 was introduced to Malaysia’s parliament, it has attracted a lot of attention and commentary. We welcome discussion, and after listening to a wide array of voices, the Government has made changes to the Bill, including reducing the maximum sentence for convictions under this law to six years in prison.

2.    However, some of the coverage of the proposed Bill has been intentionally misleading and in some cases completely false. For example, the definition of fake news in the Bill is clear and specific; freedom of speech as provided for under the Federal Constitution will not be curtailed; and the Government will not itself decide what is fake news, but instead will allow a neutral party, namely the Courts, to decide via independent legal process. As we have seen since a former leader stepped down and judicial independence was recovered, Court decisions now frequently go against the Government and senior ministers.

3.    Let us not forget that it is this Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak that has introduced the most far-reaching measures since independence to strengthen free speech and democracy. For example, the Internal Security Act was repealed; the State of Emergency that had existed for over 60 years ended; media freedom was increased by scrapping restrictions on newspaper publishing licenses; the Universities and University Colleges Act was reformed to allow undergraduates to participate in political activities; and the Peaceful Assembly Act was passed, for the first time enshrining in law the right to peaceful protest.

4.    So it is clear that this Government will act when it is necessary to protect the security and freedoms of the people and our democratic process. And there can be no doubt that this fake news law is necessary. Furthermore, Malaysia is not alone in that view. Countries around the world, including our ASEAN neighbours Singapore and the Philippines, are considering or have introduced similar legislation to combat fake news.

5.    Germany has implemented their own anti-fake news law which provides for fines of up to €50 million (RM241 million) for networks that fail to take down illegal content within 24 hours. In France, President Emmanuel Macron has promised to introduce a law to ban fake news on the internet during elections. He was uncompromising about the need for such legislation. “If we want to protect liberal democracies, we must be strong and have clear rules,” he said.

6.    And Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May is launching a fake news rapid response unit “to deal quickly with disinformation and reclaim a fact-based public debate.” These are not repressive regimes, but European countries that are known for promoting free speech and civil liberties. The trend is clear: countries that wish to promote healthy debate and a democratic process based on the facts are realising that they must act against the scourge of fake news.

7.    This is not just a matter of social media or the internet – although fake news is known to spread like wildfire on those platforms, and is unfortunately far more readily believed than the truth. Take the example of the last election, when the false rumour was spread that 40,000 Bangladeshis were flown into Malaysia to vote. No trace of them has ever been found. And yet many believed that these phantom voters were real and it led to racial tensions and distrust of the electoral process. This is a very real danger to our democracy and to our harmony.

8.    The problem extends to the international media. Sometimes the mistakes they make about Malaysia are just down to ignorance, like the many occasions that international publications have referred to Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak as “Mr Razak” or Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as “Mr Ibrahim” – in both cases, that would mean their fathers, who are both deceased. It is worrying that international publications that many people in Malaysia take seriously, know so little about our country that they make such elementary mistakes. But we can say that those instances are essentially harmless.

9.    More serious is when international media, including widely used news agencies, get the facts completely wrong. One news agency recently reported that the Government had shut down The Malaysian Insider last year, when in fact – as they admitted – it shut for commercial reasons. Its backers had had enough of losing millions of ringgit on an unprofitable website.

10. The same agency reported that the Government was backing a parliamentary bill which would “allow harsh sharia punishments, such as amputations for theft and stoning for adultery”. This was completely false, as the agency admitted. They corrected their story, but by that time, the false report had gone around the world – literally – and was printed in papers and published online across the continents.

11. No other corrections were published, and libel laws are not framed to deal with this kind of misinformation, because no person in particular was being defamed. As a result there are millions of people globally who will now believe something that was a complete falsehood – because they trusted the news agency to get their facts right. Sadly, they were wrong to do so. They were being fed “fake news” about Malaysia – and Malaysians should not stand for it.

12. Another supposedly academic website recently reported that inflation was at “an all time high” in Malaysia. In fact, it is estimated by a wide range of reputable authorities, nationally and internationally, to be between 2 and 3 percent – which is low both historically in Malaysia and by international comparison. More fake news, perpetrated that time by university professors. Do they care that they are smearing a country’s reputation falsely?

13. More recently, there has been a string of malicious articles about Malaysia in the South China Morning Post (SCMP), and Malaysians need to know that these do indeed constitute fake news – and appalling lies.

14. On 30th March, the SCMP published the worst so far of these, an article titled “Why are foreign leaders snubbing Najib ahead of Malaysia’s election?”

15. They claimed that: “The usual beeline of VIPs coming to Malaysia has come to a crawl….Unless Najib can showcase a big name VIP in Malaysia, and soon, he will be open to criticism that Malaysia’s international standing has fallen under his watch.”

16. This is a prime example of fake news. And that is not a matter of opinion – it is a fact, as I will show.

17. Quite apart from the widely observed practice that foreign leaders do not make official visits to a country just before an election, for fear of being seen to interfere in the countries’ internal democratic process, the Malaysian Government has actually declined foreign visits, for precisely that reason.

18. So, has the Prime Minister been snubbed? Well, for a start, he was the only ASEAN leader to be invited to give a keynote address at the ASEAN-Australia Counter-Terrorism Conference in Sydney last month, and the organisers of some major forthcoming international conferences are currently imploring him to attend. So hardly “snubbed”. Furthermore, among the foreign leaders the Prime Minister has welcomed in Malaysia in just the last year are:

The King of Saudi Arabia, the President of France, the Crown Prince of Japan, the King of Bahrain, the Prime Minister of Lao PDR, the US Secretary of State, the State Councillor of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yong, the Emir of Qatar, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, the President of Indonesia, the Prime Minister of Morocco, the President of Comoros, and the Governor-General of New Zealand.

19. This does not include the world leaders the Prime Minister was officially received by overseas in the last year. They include:

The President and Prime Minister of China, the President of the United States of America, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the Prime Minister of India, the Prime Minister of Australia, the President of Libya, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, the President of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, the President of the Maldives, the President of Vietnam, and the Sultan of Brunei.

20. This is only part of the list, and does not include all the many other world leaders the Prime Minister has met at summits. It is an extensive list as it is. The SCMP may not realise that the Prime Minister has a job to do, quite apart from meeting foreign leaders. But of course they do realise this. They just wish to present a fake news story instead.

21. The article also contains other errors so serious as to count as fake news.

22. For instance, it says there has “been speculation that Najib’s government engaged the tainted analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, the company ensnared in global controversy for skewing votes in the US election”.

23. There is no need for speculation, as the writer, if he bothered with the facts, must know. Both the Government and the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, SCL Group, have confirmed that the company has never been contracted to or paid by Barisan Nasional or the Government. In fact, the head of Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group in Malaysia has publicly confirmed that the only person their advice was provided to was Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir – deputy president of the opposition PPBM, and son of opposition leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad. So this is more fake news.

24. The SCMP used to be a widely respected regional newspaper, and some Malaysians reading its reports may naively think they can trust them. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

25. Like a sad number of international publications and media, facts and journalistic process and ethics to them are no long “sacred”. Slipshod journalism and smear tactics have infected their articles. Read the examples I have given above, both for the SCMP and other cases. Whether they are deliberate or careless, they are instances of misinformation. This is fake news. It is a danger to us all. And the Malaysian Government, along with many others around the world, will not hesitate to take the necessary steps ahead of our imminent election to ensure that the well of democracy is not irretrievably poisoned with lies, falsehoods, smears and supposition.

26. The only people who need to be afraid of our Anti-Fake News Bill 2018 are not those who convey honest opinions, and report conscientiously and truthfully according to proper journalistic protocols. No, the only people that need to be afraid are those that broadcast or pass on fake news – or lies, to you and me. If we are criticised for being on the side of truth, so be it. That is criticism we can take with a good heart. And we will not stop calling out the people who would confuse the facts – of which we are certain – with the spin and deceit of people who would subvert democracy for their own selfish ends.

27. The true story of Malaysia is that since the Prime Minister took office in 2009, Malaysia’s Gross National Income has increased by more than 50 percent, nearly 2.7 million jobs have been created, unemployment and inflation have been kept low, and absolute poverty almost eliminated. The Malaysian economy grew so fast last year that the World Bank had to increase its estimates three times over 2017, and even then the actual figure, at 5.9 percent, exceeded their final prediction.

28. The government’s plan for the economic well-being and security of Malaysia and its people is delivering. As the International Monetary Fund reported in early March 2018: “The country is well on its way to achieving high-income status.”

29. These are the facts, and it is them and them alone that should inform debate in this country and abroad. To be properly informed is the very least that the Malaysian people deserve. The opposition and some of the media outlets that support them seem to disagree. They may prefer, spin, smears and outright lies – but the Government will continue to fight for the truth.

Salleh Said Keruak,
Minister of Communications and Multimedia,

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Salleh Said Keruak

1. Kelmarin tular video pendek berdurasi 3.33 saat bertajuk “Pada Sesuatu Ketika.” Video ini menunjukkan Tun Mahathir yang dahulunya bersikap autokratik dan percaya kepada “strong government” untuk melindungi kedudukan orang Melayu, kini telah berubah menunjukkan imej kononnya bersikap demokratik, dan bersekongkol dengan DAP yang dimusuhinya selama ini.

2. Dengan sikap politiknya yang paradoks ini, ke manakah sebenarnya Tun Mahathir mahu membawa Malaysia ini?  Jika ke arah negara demokratik, apakah tidak demokratik lagi sikap politik DS Najib yang menghapuskan ISA dan meminda AUKU? Jika untuk mewujudkan bangsa Malaysia, apakah tidak lengkap lagi pemerintahan DS Najib yang bersifat inklusif, merakyat, dan menghargai kepelbagaian? Jika untuk menentang ketirisan dan kelemahan tadbir urus kerajaan BN, tidak ingatkah Tun Mahathir bahawa yang tiris sebenarnya ialah skandal BMF RM2.5 billion dan skandal forex RM30 bilion yang terjadi di zaman pemerintahannya? Inilah ironisnya politik Tun Mahathir ini, iaitu beliau menciptakan paradoksnya sendiri.

3. Mengapa Tun Mahathir bersikap begini? Para pemerhati politik telah memberikan tiga sebab. Pertama, Tun mempunyai “superiority complex”, suatu sikap yang tidak boleh menerima kelebihan orang lain.  Kedua, Tun kecewa dengan sikap barisan pemimpin tinggi UMNO yang tidak menyokong anaknya untuk menang dalam pemilihan Naib Presiden. Ketiga, beliau tidak berpuas hati dengan beberapa polisi DS Najib yang dilihatnya cuba menghapuskan legasinya.

4. Jika beginilah alasan Tun Mahathir untuk menentang DS Najib dan keluar dari parti yang diketuainya selama 22 tahun, pertanyaannya ke manakah Tun Mahathir mahu membawa politik Malaysia ini? Kuatnya paradoks politik Tun.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Crowds don't translate to votes

Salleh Said Keruak

Liew Chin Tong of DAP said the crowd at Pakatan Harapan's ceramah in Kedah last night is proof of a Malay Tsunami in the upcoming general election. This is the problem with the opposition. They count their chickens before they hatch and they translate crowds during ceramah to votes.

In Sanggang in 2000, the opposition crowd was so huge and the traffic jam miles long that then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad commented about it. However, the PAS candidate lost the by-election to the Umno candidate.

The same happened in Indera Kayangan when 30,000 people turned up at the PKR ceramah and next door only 300 were at Menteri Besar Shahidan Kassim's event. But PKR's candidate lost to MCA.

More recently, Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar are two more examples. Since 1990 the opposition has been told that crowds do not translate to votes but they never listen. Maybe once GE14 is over and the votes are counted they may begin to understand.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Memahami apa yang menjadi berita palsu

Salleh Said Keruak

Mereka yang menentang undang-undang anti berita tidak benar yang baru dengan mengatakan bahawa undang-undang ini bertujuan untuk melenyapkan perdebatan mengenai 1MDB. Tetapi ini tidak benar. Tidak ada apa-apa yang menghalang sesiapa daripada membahaskan atau bercakap mengenai 1MDB. Isu ini adalah apabila seseorang mula menyebarkan 'berita' dan 'fakta' yang palsu. Sebagai contoh, kita terus mendengar 'berita' bahawa RM42 bilion wang 1MDB telah 'hilang' begitu sahaja. Ini secara rasmi telah dijelaskan dan terbukti palsu. Isu yang lebih besar di sini ialah untuk menangani penyebaran 'berita' dan 'fakta' palsu yang tidak bertanggungjawab, yang terpakai kepada banyak situasi lain dalam kehidupan kita.

Apabila pembohongan diulang terlalu banyak, orang boleh percaya ia benar. Ini adalah penyakit berita palsu yang menjejaskan dunia secara global, bukan hanya Malaysia. Kebenarannya tidak subjektif. Ia perlu tepat dan disokong dengan bukti yang disahkan benar. Jika tidak, ia akan menjadi tuntutan dan tuduhan semata-mata, dengan tiada bukti. Setiap orang harus memahami konsep ini, supaya mereka tidak mudah disesatkan oleh 'berita palsu'.

Dalam undang-undang, beban bukti selalunya adalah pada mereka  yang membuat dakwaan atau tuduhan. Tertuduh tidak bersalah, sehingga terbukti bersalah. Oleh itu, adalah mengejutkan bahawa sesetengah rakyat Malaysia tidak mempedulikan peraturan yang sangat asas ini. Sekiranya anda menuduh sesuatu, maka anda perlu membuktikannya benar. Anda perlu menunjukkan keterangan anda, yang perlu disahkan untuk kebenaran dan ketulenan.

Understanding what constitutes fake news  

Salleh Said Keruak

Those opposed to the new fake news law say that this law is aimed at silencing debate regarding 1MDB. But this is not true. There is nothing to stop anyone from debating or talking about 1MDB. The issue is when someone start spreading ‘news’ and ‘facts’ which are false. For example, we keep hearing ‘news’ that RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money has ‘disappeared’ into thin air, when this has been officially explained and proven false. The bigger issue here is to deal with the irresponsible spread of such fake ‘news’ and ‘facts’, which applies to many other situations in our lives.

When a lie is repeated too many times, people can believe it to be true. This is the disease of fake news which affects the world globally, not just Malaysia. The truth is not subjective. It has to be precise and backed with evidence which is verified to be true. If not, it would be mere claims and allegation, with nothing proven. Everyone should understand this concept, so that they would not be easily misled by ‘fake news’.

In law, the burden of proof is always on the person who puts the claim or allegation. The defendant is innocent, until proven guilty. So its surprising that some Malaysians appear ignorant of this very basic rule. If you claim something, then you have to prove it to be true. You have to show your evidence, which needs to be verified for truth and authenticity.

Monday, March 26, 2018



Salleh Said Keruak

1. Malaysia adalah sebuah negara demokrasi yang memberi ruang kepada rakyatnya untuk berpartisipasi dalam politik.  Kerajaan juga komited untuk menyekat amalan politik kotor dan fitnah yang boleh memudaratkan negara.

2. Kita tidak perlu lagi kepada politik adu domba, fitnah, pembunuhan karakter, dan juga penyebaran berita-berita palsu kerana amalan buruk ini boleh merosakkan akal budi kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang berakhlak dan beradab. Kita boleh berbeza pendapat politik dan berada dalam parti yang berlainan, tetapi janganlah sampai ke tahap kita menyebar berita palsu tentang negara. Misalnya, menyebarkan berita tidak tepat tentang tahap kesihatan ekonomi negara, rasuah dan juga kadar jenayah tanpa menggunakan data-data yang betul. Dalam hal di atas, kerajaan telah mengeluarkan data-data rasmi, maka janganlah pula kita mengambil contoh-contoh terpencil untuk menafikan kejayaan negara kita sendiri hanya kerana kita berbeza pandangan politik.  Inilah yang dimaksudkan kita meraikan perbezaan politik dan pendapat, tetapi janganlah sampai ke tahap mengabaikan kepentingan negara.

3. Menjelang PRU-14 ini, moga kita tidak lagi mengamalkan politik adu domba dan fitnah. Jika kita masih dengan sikap sebegini, maka kita jauh lagi dari mencapai tahap politik matang. Mencapai tahap politik matang adalah tanggungjawab bersama.Hargailah kestabilan politik yang telah kita nikmati selama ini kerana kestabilan dan keamanan ini terlalu mahal harganya.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The recycled foreign media attacks on Malaysia  

Salleh Said Keruak

Over the last two days, the foreign media has been attacking Malaysia in general and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in particular. This is not surprising considering that Tun Dr Mahatir Mohamad said, “Kita terpaksalah guna saluran media luar, BN bolehlah mereka ada banyak duit untuk upah penganalisis dari Cambridge.”

Basically, what the foreign media is reporting are recycled reports from years ago about corruption, fraudulent elections, lack of democracy, denial of freedom of speech, and so on.  Since 30 years ago when Mahathir was the Prime Minister until today they are still saying the same thing. The opposition then virals these reports to give the impression that the whole world is against Malaysia.

What the foreign media fails to mention in these reports is about the many cases of corruption now being investigated by the MACC in the Pakatan Harapan states of Selangor and Penang, or about the allegations of cheating in GE13, such as 40,000 Bangladeshi voters, that were proven false. The foreign media reports are not balanced but very one-sided giving the impression that everything about the government is bad while the opposition are angels.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Justice and Common Sense has Prevailed

Salleh Said Keruak

Today, a motion submitted by Swiss MP Carlo Sommaruga, was debated in the Swiss National Assembly. YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, certain Malaysian online media portals and so-called independent NGO leaders, such as Cynthia Gabriel of C4, shamelessly tried to spread fake news, by linking the motion to 1MDB.

Their perfidy even extended to letters being written to Swiss MPs and representatives of the Malaysian NGOs taking a junket to Switzerland, to lobby Swiss MPs to support the motion.

The Swiss Parliament today voted to throw out the motion, with an overwhelming majority of 138 MPs voting against, and only 53 MPs voting in favour. Notwithstanding this, the position of 1MDB and the Ministry of Finance has been very clear- the motion is a concern only for the Swiss Government, Swiss Parliament and Swiss Courts. It has nothing to do with 1MDB as the monies being sought by the Opposition does not belong to 1MDB.

Fortunately, justice and common sense has prevailed, over fake news and biased reporting.

Why did Mahathir not do all that when he was PM?  

Salleh Said Keruak

Yesterday, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said if Pakatan Harapan comes to power in GE14 they will allow more press freedom and will remove laws that restrict freedom of expression. What exactly are those laws that Mahathir intends to remove? And why did he not introduce those changes when he was Prime Minister for 22 years and had the power to do so?

When the New York Twin Towers was attacked in 2001, Mahathir said the Petronas Twin Towers is still standing because Malaysia has the Internal Security Act or ISA and if the US also had laws like the ISA their Twin Towers would still be standing. And when the government wanted to abolish the ISA Mahathir was against that move. So how serious is Mahathir about more democracy for Malaysia when he was opposed to democracy when he was in power?

It was not too long ago that Mahathir said Malaysia is a guided democracy and can never be a full democracy like in the west because of the delicate and fragile racial and religious balance of Malaysia’s population. Mahathir argued that unrestricted freedom of expression would invite racial or religious strife. Therefore the western version of democracy and free speech cannot work in Malaysia. Has Mahathir done a U-turn on that as well?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Is PPBM contesting under DAP?  

Salleh Said Keruak

There appears to be some confusion due to the contradicting statements by PPBM leaders. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he does not mind contesting under DAP’s banner whereas some PPBM leaders have said they do not mind contesting under PKR or PAN, which are seen as Malay parties, but not under DAP.

So which is it going to be or is Mahathir going to contest under DAP and the others are going to contest under PKR and PAN? Meanwhile Lim Kit Siang has said nothing regarding using DAP symbol.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mahathir’s most puzzling confession  

Salleh Said Keruak

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest confession is most puzzling and contradicts what had been revealed in court 20 years ago. First of all, when it was revealed that Anwar Ibrahim had a ‘black eye’, Mahathir said most likely Anwar punched his own face. When it was finally revealed that the IGP had punched Anwar, Mahathir did not offer any apology or retract his allegation that Anwar had punched his own face.

Tun Hanif Omar then revealed that Mahathir had sent him to meet Anwar to advise Anwar that the police were aware of his sexual misconduct and other activities and that he should stop before it becomes public knowledge. Anwar never denied this meeting but said the meeting was about Hanif’s chairmanship of Genting and not about his sexual activities. This means Mahathir knew about Anwar’s activities long before August 1998 and he had sent Hanif to meet Anwar to discuss the matter.

If Mahathir thinks he can change history then he is badly mistaken. Everything that happened since 1997 is well documented mainly because of the Internet. Mahathir had 20 years to set the record straight if what had been reported is wrong. It is now too late to change history. Furthermore, all this talk about GE14 being the dirtiest election in history sounds like Pakatan Harapan knows they are not going to win so they are lining up an excuse to explain why they lost. They did this in GE13 and it was later proven that all the allegations of Bangladeshi voters and power failures were false.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Pakatan Harapan’s poisoned cup  

Salleh Said Keruak

Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto has been dressed up to appear like they are giving Malaysians milk and honey if they win the upcoming general election. However, in reality, they are giving us a poisoned cup to drink from. This is a case of short-term gain for long-term misery. As they say in America, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone, somewhere, has to pay for it. And Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto means future generations have to pay for the folly of the current generation.

Just look at the promises Pakatan Harapan makes in what they are going to do in the first 100 days if they come to power. They are going to abolish the GST and reintroduce the SST when all over the world countries that do not yet have GST are introducing it. But they do not explain how much they will earn to replace the RM40 billion that will be lost once the GST is abolished. Where is the alternative revenue that will be needed to pay for goods and services and to develop the country going to come from? How much will the SST bring in? Abolishing the GST is not an issue. The issue is there is no explanation on the SST, which used to be higher than the GST.

The second promise on the list is to stabilise the price of petrol and reintroduce subsidies for petrol. Oil prices are subject to global fluctuations and all sorts of external events beyond Malaysia’s control influence this: such as supply and demand, production surpluses or shortages, wars, etc. Commodity prices cannot be controlled and once before when Malaysia tried to control the tin market it ended up in a disaster that is still being felt until today. On the one hand Pakatan Harapan attacks subsidies while on the other hand they want subsidies for petrol. Most economist would disagree that subsidies for petrol is a good thing.

Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto is merely aimed at making the voters feel good. It is just like when they said in 2008 they will abolish highway tolls but after ten years in power they have still not abolished toll charges for highways in Selangor. Abolishing toll charges for highways means the Selangor State Government will need to pay billions in compensation to the concessionaires every year and that is economically not possible.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Pakatan’s manifesto mired in sensationalism  

Salleh Said Keruak

Pakatan Harapan’s 138-page manifesto makes a lot of promises such as giving more money to the rakyat. But how do they plan to replace the lost income? They also talk about giving the states the equivalent of 20% oil royalty. Will this mean grants and development budgets would now be reduced or is it an additional burden to grants and development budgets? How can the country afford that and where will the money come from? That question is never explained. We need to make promises that can be delivered, not just any promises to help win the election.

In that same manifesto Pakatan Harapan talks about restoring the ‘kedaulatan’ or sovereignty of the law. It is the actually the same thing the Opposition said back in 1988, and then in 1998, when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was accused to practice rule by law instead of rule of law. Today, Pakatan Harapan are saying the same thing again and have chosen Tun Mahathir to lead the ‘change’. What logic is this?

Pakatan Harapan also says the sovereignty of the nation has been pawned (gadai). What does that this actually mean? Are they saying Malaysia no longer an independent country? This is again simple exaggeration and sensationalism. Malaysia is still merdeka and its sovereignty is intact.

We need to be realistic. The fact is that Pakatan’s manifesto is big on words but small in substance. With reduced income and increased spending, Pakatan is not going to deliver all their promises and still develop Malaysia.

We must build our nation on proven plans, not recycled promises.

Manifesto Pakatan dicemari dengan sensasi   

Salleh Said Keruak

Manifesto 138 muka surat Pakatan Harapan membuat banyak janji seperti memberi lebih banyak wang kepada rakyat. Tetapi bagaimana mereka merancang untuk menggantikan pendapatan yang hilang? Mereka juga berjanji untuk memberi negeri-negeri bersamaan 20% royalti minyak. Adakah ini bermakna geran dan belanjawan pembangunan sekarang akan dikurangkan atau adakah berlaku tambahan bebanan kepada geran dan belanjawan pembangunan? Bagaimanakah negara mampu semua itu dan dari manakah wang itu akan datang? Soalan itu tidak pernah dijelaskan. Kita perlu membuat janji-janji yang boleh disampaikan, bukan sekadar janji yang dapat membantu memenangi pilihan raya.

Dalam manifesto yang sama, Pakatan Harapan bercakap tentang memulihkan kedaulatan atau kedaulatan undang-undang. Ia adalah perkara yang sama seperti yang dikatakan pembangkang pada tahun 1988, dan kemudian pada tahun 1998, ketika Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dituduh mengamalkan pemerintahan melalui undang-undang berbanding pemerintahan mengikut perundangan. Hari ini, Pakatan Harapan berkata perkara yang sama sekali lagi dan telah memilih Tun Dr Mahathir untuk memimpin 'perubahan'. Apa logik ini?

Pakatan Harapan juga mengatakan kedaulatan negara telah digadai. Apa yang mereka maksudkan sebenarnya? Adakah mereka mengatakan Malaysia bukan lagi sebuah negara yang merdeka? Ini sekali lagi perkara yang mudah sengaja dibesar-besarkan dan disensasikam. Malaysia masih sebuah negara yang merdeka dan kedaulatannya masih utuh.

Kita perlu realistik. Hakikatnya adalah manifesto Pakatan Ini hanya besar dalam kata-kata tetapi kecil dari segi kandungannya. Dengan mengurangkan pendapatan dan meningkatkan perbelanjaan, Pakatan tidak akan menyampaikan kesemua janji-janji mereka dan masih membangun Malaysia.

Kita mesti membina negara kita berdasarkan rancangan-rancangan yang terbukti, bukannya melalui janji-janji yang dikitar semula.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Blogger dan pengguna media sosial harus bertindak dengan lebih bertanggungjawab

Salleh Said Keruak

Sejak kebelakangan ini, blogger dan pengguna media sosial bertindak melulu dalam membuat paparan atau posting di internet. Ini semakin meningkat mungkin disebabkan pilihan raya umum yang akan datang di mana sentimen adalah tinggi. Kita tidak boleh membiarkan perasaan dan sentimen ini menjejaskan keamanan, keharmonian dan kestabilan Malaysia.

Walau apa pun undang-undang yang mengawal penyalahgunaan media sosial - seperti penerbitan berita palsu, hasutan, fitnah dan sebagainya - blogger dan pengguna media sosial harus bertanggungjawab untuk mengamalkan penapisan sendiri. Kenapa perlu tunggu sehingga kerajaan bertindak ke atas penyalahgunaan internet? Rakyat Malaysia tahu apa yang boleh diterima oleh masyarakat dan apa yang menyinggung perasaan.

SKMM akan diminta memantau media sosial untuk memastikan pengguna bertindak secara bertanggungjawab. Dan jika sekiranya mereka tidak dapat bertindak secara lebih bertanggungjawab, maka kerajaan perlu masuk dan bertindak untuk memulihkan pesanan di internet. Jangan dibiarkan sehingga ia sampai ke tahap datang di mana tindakan perlu diambil terhadap penyalahgunaan internet dan media sosial. Lagipun, jika anda cukup terpelajar untuk menggunakan media sosial, maka anda harus cukup terdidik untuk membezakan antara yang benar dan salah.

Bloggers and social media users should act more responsibly  

Salleh Said Keruak

Of late, bloggers and social media users are acting quite recklessly in what they post on the internet. This has intensified probably due to the upcoming general election where temperatures and sentiments are running high. We must not allow tempers to jeopardise the peace, harmony and stability of Malaysia.

Notwithstanding the laws that control the abuse of the social media -- such as the publishing of fake news, seditious and libellous postings, and so on -- bloggers and social media users should be sensible and responsible enough to practice self-censorship. Why wait until the government needs to act or clampdown on the abuse of the internet? Malaysians know what is socially acceptable and what is offensive.

MCMC will be asked to monitor the social media to ensure that users act responsibly. And if they cannot act responsibly then the government will need to step in and restore order to the internet. Do not allow it to come to a stage where action needs to be taken against abusers of the internet and social media. After all, if you are educated enough to use the social media, then you should be educated enough to differentiate between right and wrong.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mahathir and Opposition fake news tactics

Salleh Said Keruak

Yet again, the Opposition have seized upon unverified and unproven allegations regarding a yacht named The Equanimity. Amongst others, it is alleged that the yacht is owned by Jho Low, and that it was purchased with funds from1MDB. This is yet another failed attempt to mislead Malaysians, using fake news.

The reality is that the source of the allegations is contained in the United States Department of Justice (US DOJ) civil lawsuit, which in fact has been put on hold since August 2017. Until today, apart from bare allegations contained in the law suit, the US DOJ has not shown any tangible proof that Jho Low is the actual owner of the yacht or that it was purchased with funds from 1MDB. Furthermore, the US DOJ has yet to prove any of its allegations in a court of law, despite nearly 2 years passing since its sensationalised press conference of July 2016.

The Opposition has failed to reveal that the alleged source of funds in the DOJ lawsuit is from Aabar BVI, which according to the DOJ lawsuit, had alleged business dealings with Jho Low. The directors of Aabar BVI were Khadem Al Qubaisy and Mohammed Al Badawy, formerly senior employees in the IPIC group.1MDB has repeatedly clarified that whilst it did have business dealings with Aabar BVI, 1MDB has not had any business dealings with Jho Low and more importantly, 1MDB is not a party to the DOJ lawsuit.

The Mahathir-led, DAP-dominated Pakatan Harapan is using fake news as their primary political weapon to garner votes for the coming general election. Right thinking Malaysians will recall how Mahathir started the fake news attack on 1MDB, by wrongly stating that "RM 42 billion was missing", only to be proven wrong time and time again. In their desperation, it is sad to see that Mahathir and the Opposition are now mindlessly recycling unproven allegations and irresponsibly spreading fake news.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Malaysia dilihat sebagai model untuk keamanan dan kestabilan

Salleh Said Keruak

Jika anda bertanya kepada pelancong mengenai apa yang mereka suka mengenai Malaysia, mereka akan menjawab kepelbagaian makanan, budaya dan pelbagai kaum di Malaysia disamping keamanan dan   kestabilan yang dicapai sejak itu. Sejak Merdeka, Malaysia kekal aman hasil daripada pelaksanaan dasar yang mengambil kira kepentingan semua rakyat di negara ini.

Polisi-polisi digubal untuk mewujudkan keamanan, kestabilan dan kemakmuran yang berterusan, dan rakyat pelbagai kaum dan agama akan sentiasa merasa selamat dan dapat menikmati manfaat pembangunan yang disediakan oleh kerajaan.

Falsafah "1Malaysia", dan "Negaraku" baru-baru ini merupakan kesinabungan daripada polisi-polisi yang terdahulu oleh kerajaan untuk menanamkan rasa kebersamaan dan persaudaraan di kalangan masyarakat Malaysia yang pelbagai untuk memelihara dan mengekalkan perpaduan di kalangan mereka.

Kami memilih dasar kesederhanaan. Kami tidak mengamalkan ideologi melampau, tetapi ideologi yang sederhana supaya kita dapat memastikan dengan perpaduan yang ada di negara ini, negara kita akan terus maju.

If Wan Azizah is going to retire, is Mukhriz going to take over as the DPM?

Salleh Said Keruak

Today, Lim Kit Siang said he believes Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a man of his word and that he will relinquish the post of prime minister if Pakatan Harapan wins the 14th general election so that Anwar can become the country’s eighth Prime Minister.

Lim added that Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will ‘gracefully retreat’ from politics to not be deputy prime minister at the same time that Anwar is prime Minister. But Lim did not say who will take over as deputy prime minister once Wan Azizah ‘gracefully retreats’.

The question is, will Mukhriz Mahathir take over as deputy prime minster one Wan Azizah ‘gracefully retreats’? Lim never confirmed who it will be. In that case this is not about saving Malaysia, as Mahathir claims, but about making Mukhriz the deputy prime minister, which invariably will be the first step to becoming prime minister.

Malaysia is seen as a model for peace and stability 

Salleh Said Keruak

If you were to ask tourists what it is they like about Malaysia, they would reply the diversity of Malaysia's food, culture and races and the peace and stability that is achieved in spite of it. Since Merdeka, Malaysia has remained peaceful as a result of the implementation of policies that take into account the interests of all the people in the country.

Policies are formulated to create continuous peace, stability and prosperity, and the people of all races and religions always feel safe and are able to enjoy the benefits of development provided by the government.

The philosophy “1Malaysia”, and recently “Negaraku”, are a continuation of previous policies by the government to instill the feeling of togetherness and brotherhood among Malaysia’s diverse society to preserve and maintain unity among them.

We opt for moderate policies. We do not practice extreme ideology, but an ideology that is moderate so that we can ascertain that with unity in the country, our country will continue to progress.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Malaysia terbukti berada di arah yang betul

Salleh Said Keruak

Minggu ini, empat puluh tiga anggota Pertubuhan Perdagangan Sedunia (WTO) telah memuji Malaysia kerana pencapaian ekonomi yang mengagumkan serta dasar perdagangan dan ekonomi yang berhemat. Malaysia turut dipuji kerana secara aktif mendukung dasar perdagangan terbuka sama ada melalui pembaharuan sehala, perdagangan serantau, perdagangan dua hala dan  peraturan perdagangan pelbagai hala. Ahli-ahli WTO juga menyedari kejayaan Malaysia dalam membaharui dan mempelbagaikan ekonominya telah menyumbang kepada pertumbuhan yang berterusan meskipun menghadapi pelbagai cabaran luar.

Pembaharuan ekonomi tidak mudah dan tidak boleh dilakukan secara jangka pendek. Ia memerlukan ketahanan dan kadang-kadang, dasar yang tidak popular demi untuk mencapai matlamat jangka panjang, terutamanya apabila cuba membetulkan kerosakan yang berlaku pada masa lalu. Walau bagaimanapun, masyarakat antarabangsa mengiktiraf pencapaian Malaysia dan dapat melihat negara sedang menuju ke arah yang betul.

Sering kali isu kejayaan ekonomi Malaysia dipolitikkan dan rakyat diberitahu sebaliknya dari apa yang sebenarnya berlaku. Pembangkang terus mengulangi pembohongan mengenai Malaysia yang muflis tetapi laporan antarabangsa membuktikan ini tidak benar. Sudah tiba masanya pihak pembangkang menerima hakikat bahawa Malaysia telah berjaya dan dasar-dasar kerajaan yang berkesan.

Malaysia is proving to be heading in the right direction

Salleh Said Keruak

This week, forty-three World Trade Organisation members commended Malaysia for its impressive economic achievement, prudent trade and economic policies. Malaysia was also commended for actively pursuing trade openness through unilateral reforms, regional and bilateral trade arrangements and multilateral rule-making. The members also recognised that Malaysia’s successful diversification of its economy and economic reforms had contributed to continued growth despite external challenges.

Economic reforms are not easy and can never be done on a short-term basis. It requires resilience and sometimes unpopular policies to achieve the long-term objectives, especially when trying to undo the damage caused in the past. The international community, however, recognises Malaysia’s achievements and can see that the country is heading in the right direction.

Too often the issue of Malaysia’s economic progress is being politicised and the people are being told the opposite of what is really happening. The opposition keeps repeating the lies about Malaysia going bankrupt but international reports have proven this is not true. It is time the opposition accept the fact that Malaysia is doing well and that the government policies are working.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Salleh Said Keruak

1. Di zaman akhir Empayar Rom, para puteranya sering berbunuhan kerana berebut kekaisaran. Di era Mughal, Maharaja Aurangzeb memenjarakan bapanya sendiri sehingga mangkat demi mengekalkan kekuasaan. Politik moden juga menyaksikan gejala yang sama. Presiden AS John F. Kennedy, PM Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, PM India Indira dan Rajiv Ghandi, Presiden Filipina Benigno Aquino, dan pemimpin kemerdekaan Burma Aung San merupakan sebahagian daripada senarai panjang pembunuhan politik di serata dunia.

2. Jika dahulu pembunuh upahan memainkan peranan, kini “mercenary blogger” pula yang berperanan. Mercenary blogger ini bukan membunuh orangnya, tetapi membunuh “peribadi” musuh politiknya.  Di Malaysia, pembunuhan karekter ini sudah menjadi permainan politik yang cukup menjelekkan.

3. Terkini, PM DS Najib Razak pula yang terkena dengan permainan politik kotor ini. Karekter peribadinya yang elegan dibunuh tanpa takut dosa pahala. Hal ini dilakukan semata-mata kerana mahu mengaibkan peribadi DS Najib supaya beliau tewas kepada tekanan dan mengundurkan diri dalam politik.

4. Menariknya, biarpun diserang dengan pelbagai tohmahan, DS Najib tetap santun dan berhemah dalam mempertahankan diri dari serangan musuh politiknya. Ini kerana beliau meyakini pembunuhan karakter ini boleh melenyapkan kebenaran, menjahanamkan demokrasi dan secara perlahan membunuh bangsa. Oleh sebab itulah, dalam kita menegakkan bangsa ini, kita perlu berdebat dalam kerangka demokrasi dengan memfokuskan kepada idea dan polisi, bukannya menjatuhkan pihak lawan dengan menelanjangkan aib peribadi mereka. Sesungguhnya, DS Najib telah menunjukkan keperibadian yang terpuji dengan menolak politik pembunuhan karekter kerana beliau menyedari pembunuhan karekter boleh membunuh tamadun bangsa.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Salleh Said Keruak

1. Di dunia hari ini, terdapat beberapa negara yang mengamalkan politik permuafakatan.  Antaranya ialah Belanda (antara Protestan dan Katolik), Belgium (antara orang Walloon yang berbahasa Perancis dengan Flemish yang berbahasa Belanda), Lubnan (antara puak Syiah, Sunni dan Kristian Maronit), Ireland Utara (antara Katolik dan Protestan), Bosnia Herzegovina (antara orang Islam, Croat dan Serb), dan Macedonia (antara keturunan Slav dan Albania).

2. Namun, tiada satu pun negara di atas yang dapat menandingi rekod kejayaan politik permuafakatan BN, sedangkan struktur sosial masyarakat Malaysia jauh lebih rencam berbanding negara-negara di atas. Apakah formula kejayaan Malaysia? Pertama, BN bukanlah hanya sekadar gabungan parti politik yang mewakili pelbagai etnik, tetapi juga sebuah muafakat politik yang bersifat holistik dan integratif, yakni merentas ras dan tidak terbatas di Semenanjung sahaja, tetapi juga di seluruh wilayah Malaysia.  Kedua, permuafakatan politik BN menggalakkan partisipasi aktif akar umbi, tidak hanya terbatas kepada kerjasama elit sahaja.  Ketiga, kukuhnya permuafakatan BN adalah terletak pada parti terajunya, iaitu Umno yang telah berjaya membina kerjasama kukuh dengan semua parti komponennya.

3. Kejayaan BN yang diterajui oleh Umno ini menyebabkan parti pembangkang cuba memplagiat formula ini, namun ternyata kesemuanya tidak mampu bertahan seperti mana berkuburnya APU, Gagasan Rakyat, dan PR. Mengapa? Pertama, pakatan pembangkang hanya tidur sebantal, tetapi mimpi lain-lain kerana mereka mempunyai ideologi politik yang terlalu berbeza. Kedua, pakatan pembangkang bergantung kepada personaliti seorang pemimpin sahaja. Misalnya, APU bergantung kepada Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, PR kepada DS Anwar Ibrahim, dan kini PH bergantung pula kepada Tun Mahathir. Ketiga, pakatan pembangkang tidak mempunyai sebuah parti dominan yang memimpinnya seperti mana Umno memimpin BN.

4. Kesimpulannya, hanya BN satu-satunya pakatan politik yang jitu permuafakatannya. Permuafakatan BN di era Najib adalah yang paling baik ekoran kehebatan beliau sebagai seorang pemimpin transformatif multikulturalis. Ini membolehkan UMNO dan BN mendapat sokongan setiap lapisan rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum—pengundi tua dan muda, pengundi bandar dan luar bandar, penjawat awam dan pekerja swasta, rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak. Permuafakatan holistik dan integratif, serta permuafakatan terpimpin bakal membawa BN menang selesa dalam PRU-14.

(Ucapan semasa Pelancaran Jentera Pilihanraya Barisan Nasional Kota Belud di Dewan Musbah ,Kg Taun Gusi Kota Belud)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Selamat menyambut Tahun Baru Cina

Salleh Said Keruak

Apabila Umno merundingkan kemerdekaan dengan British pada tahun 1950-an, salah satu syarat yang ditetapkan oleh British sebelum sebarang rundingan boleh diadakan adalah orang Cina dan India mesti terlibat dalam perbincangan itu. Ketika itulah Parti Perikatan Umno, MCA dan MIC dibentuk pada tahun 1952.

Rundingan kemerdekaan tidak mudah dan banyak kompromi dan konsesi yang perlu dibuat oleh semua pihak. Akhirnya perjanjian telah dicapai dan pada bulan Ogos 1957 kemerdekaan diisytiharkan.

Pemahaman antara semua kaum adalah asas kemerdekaan Malaysia. Orang-orang Cina mempunyai kepentingan di negara ini seperti mana orang Melayu dan sepanjang masa perayaan seperti Hari Raya, Tahun Baru Cina dan Deepavali menjadi perayaan rakyat Malaysia.

Saya ingin mengucapkan bukan sahaja kaum Cina tetapi semua rakyat Malaysia selamat menyambut Tahun Baru Cina dan semoga kita menyambut perayaan ini dalam semangat Malaysia.

A very happy Chinese New Year

Salleh Said Keruak

When Umno negotiated Merdeka with the British in the 1950s, one of the terms laid down by the British before any talks could be held was that the Chinese and Indians must be involved in the talks. That was when the Alliance Party of Umno, MCA and MIC was formed in 1952.

The Merdeka negotiations was not easy and many compromises and concessions had to be made by all parties. Eventually an agreement was reached and in August 1957 Merdeka was declared.

The understanding between all races was the foundation of Malaysia's independence. The Chinese have a stake in the country as much as the Malays do and over time celebrations such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali became Malaysian celebrations.

I would like to wish not only the Chinese but all Malaysians a very happy Chinese New Year and may we celebrate this occasion in the spirit of fellow Malaysians.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Salleh Said Keruak

1. Sebelum ini, Umno dilihat sebagai parti bersifat elitis, komunalis, konservatif, ultra-nasionalis, dan autokratik yang dibelenggu oleh amalan kepuakan dan politik wang. Maka, ramailah penganalisis politik yang meramalkan Umno dan BN bakal kehilangan kuasa seperti mana parti LDP di Jepun, Kuomintang di Taiwan, Golkar di Indonesia, dan Kongres di India.  Tetapi, itu Umno yang dahulu. Umno yang dicipta oleh Tun Mahathir mengikut pemikiran dan gaya kepimpinannya. Legasi Mahathir terlalu besar dalam Umno sehingga terbitnya istilah Mahathirisme yang cukup diingati dengan gaya pemerintahan “government knows all” yang tidak lagi relevan dengan politik kontemporari.

2. Sekarang DS Najib telah merekayasa semula Umno dengan meninggalkan sifat ultra-nasionalis dan komunalis. Sebagai arkitek politik yang cerdik, penjenamaan semula Umno oleh Najib bukan sekadar bersifat kosmetik, tetapi telah benar-benar mengubah nilai, amalan, pemikiran dan budaya Umno.

3. Perlu disedari Umno disukai bukan kerana retoriknya tetapi Umno disukai kerana pemimpinnya bersedia mendengar suara nurani rakyat.

4. Pernah dahulu, selepas pelantikan Najib sebagai PM, ada golongan yang menyatakannya sebagai “the return of Mahathirism.” Ternyata, dakwaan tersebut meleset. Bagi Najib, “Government knows best era is over,” malah Najib memperkenalkan transformasi politik dengan menghapuskan ISA dan meminda akta-akta yang menyekat hak-hak politik rakyat. Beliau juga menjaga kebajikan rakyat semua kaum dan tidak lagi bersifat komunalis.  Dengan transformasi ini, tidak syak lagi, UMNO pimpinan DS Najib adalah sebuah parti yang sebenar-benarnya mendukung prinsip kedaulatan rakyat.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bagaimana pembangkang beroperasi

Salleh Said Keruak

Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja, KWSP, baru sahaja mengumumkan pembayaran dividen tertinggi sejak sekian lamanya. Seperti yang dijangkakan, pembangkang segera bertindak dengan memanggilnya sebagai dividen tahun pilihan raya. Sebenarnya, pembayaran dividen KWSP ini telah meningkat secara beransur-ansur sejak beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini dan bukan hanya pada tahun ini. Pada tahun 2014 dan 2015, KWSP mengisytiharkan dividen yang lebih tinggi berbanding tahun 2013, yang juga merupakan tahun pilihan raya. Jadi ia tidak ada kaitan dengan pilihan raya.

Sekiranya EFP mengumumkan dividen yang sangat rendah pada tahun ini, mereka akan menjawab dengan mengatakan ini adalah bukti bahawa ekonomi sedang dalam keadaan buruk dan negara ini akan bankrap. Mantra 'Malaysia akan bangkrap” telah dicanangkan selama bertahun-tahun tetapi apa yang berlaku sebenarnya adalah pertumbuhan ekonomi yang bertambah kukuh. Mengikut laporan ekonomi negara-negara lain, Malaysia dinilai antara yang terbaik di rantau ini.

Jadi, hanya penyokong Pakatan yang merasakan Malaysia akan muflis. Ahli ekonomi asing tidak fikir begitu. Malah mereka telah meramalkan pertumbuhan yang tinggi untuk Malaysia. Rakyat Malaysia yang melancong ke luar negara untuk bercuti juga meningkat setiap tahun berdasarkan statistik yang dikumpulkan. Lebih daripada 26 juta pelancong asing juga datang ke Malaysia pada 2016 dan ini dijangka meningkat kepada 30 juta menjelang tahun 2020. Ini bukan petanda  negara dalam masalah.

How the opposition operates  

Salleh Said Keruak

The Employees Provident Fund, EPF, has just announced its highest dividend pay out in a very long time. As expected, the opposition immediately responded by calling it an election year dividend. Actually, the EPF dividend pay out has been increasing gradually since the last few years and not just this year. In 2014 and 2015, the EPF declared a higher dividend than in 2013, which was also an election year. So it has nothing to do with the elections.

If the EFP had announced a very low dividend pay out this year, they would have responded by saying this is proof the economy is in a bad shape and the country is going bankrupt. This ‘Malaysia is going bankrupt’ mantra has been going on for many years but all that happens is the economy grows from strength to strength. According to economic reports from other countries, Malaysia is rated amongst the best in the region.

So, only the Pakatan people feel Malaysia is going bankrupt. Foreign economists do not think so. They have forecasted a high growth for Malaysia. Malaysians traveling overseas for holidays is also increasing every year from the statistics that are gathered. And more than 26 million foreign tourists came to Malaysia in 2016 and is expected to increase to 30 million by 2020. Those are not signs of a country in trouble.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Najib yang Budiman dan politik sivil

Salleh Said Keruak

Mahathir, 91, menuduh Najib mencuri wang awam dan berkata Malaysia "dikawal oleh pencuri" kata Daily Mail UK pada 19 November 2016.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, secara relatifnya, Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang aman sehingga seorang "penjahat, pencuri dan perompak" muncul, lapor Malaysiakini pada 24 September 2017.

"Saya tidak pernah mengatakan semua Bugis adalah lanun. Saya mengatakan bahawa Najib mungkin berasal dari keturunan lanun Bugis, "kata Mahathir dalam blognya dan dilaporkan oleh The Malaysian Insight pada 26 Oktober 2017.

Ini hanyalah tiga contoh daripada senarai yang panjang serangan peribadi yang telah dibuat oleh Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad terhadap Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sejak tiga tahun lepas mulai 2015. Dan serangan peribadi ini, penghinaan dan fitnah telah dilaporkan oleh media serata dunia.

Adalah perkara biasa untuk mempunyai perbezaan pendapat dalam politik. Dan ia juga adalah perkara biasa untuk menyatakan secara jelas perbezaan ini. Itulah landasan demokrasi dan kebebasan bersuara adalah sebahagian daripada demokrasi. Tetapi apa yang Dr Mahathir lakukan tidak boleh dipanggil demokrasi atau kebebasan bersuara.

Malaysia mempunyai undang-undang terhadap jenayah fitnah. Mengutuk seseorang adalah jenayah tetapi Dr Mahathir nampaknya tidak menghormati undang-undang. Dia membuat kenyataan yang menghina Najib dan menuduh Najib bermacam-macam. Ini sangat tidak bertanggungjawab bagi seseorang yang pernah menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan  ini menunjukkan tauladan yang buruk untuk golongan belia.

Apa yang dilakukan oleh Mahathir melampaui batas politik. Bahkan melampaui kesopanan  dan kesusilaan asas manusia, sedangkan Islam menganggap fitnah sebagai jenayah yang berat. Bagaimanapun, Najib telah mengambil pendekatan yang budiman terhadap serangan-serangan ini dan tetap beradab walaupun berdepan dengan taktik-taktik kotor. Orang Melayu mempunyai apa yang kita sebut adab. Kita mesti mengawal diri kita daripada sampai ke tahap politik kotor di mana fitnah dan segalanya menjadi budaya politik baru di Malaysia.

Najib’s gentleman and civil politics

Salleh Said Keruak

Mahathir, 91, accused Najib of stealing public money and said Malaysia was "controlled by thieves", said the Daily Mail UK on 19th November 2016.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad said, relatively speaking, Malaysia was a peaceful country until a “crook, thief and robber” showed up, reported Malaysiakini on 24th September 2017.

“I never said all Bugis were pirates. I was saying that Najib may have descended from Bugis pirates,” said Mahathir is his blog posting and reported by The Malaysian Insight on 26th October 2017.

These are just three examples in a long list of personal attacks Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been making against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak over the last three years since 2015. And these personal attacks, insults, slander and vilification are being reported by the media all over the world.

It is normal to have differences of opinion in politics. And it is also normal to openly express these differences. That is the bedrock of democracy and freedom of expression is part and parcel of democracy. But what Mahathir is doing cannot be called democracy or freedom of expression.

Malaysia has laws against criminal defamation. Slandering someone is a crime but Mahathir appears to have no respect or regard for the law. He makes disparaging statements against Najib and accuses Najib of all sorts of things .This is very irresponsible for someone who used to be Malaysia’s Prime Minister and he is setting a bad example for the youth.

What Mahathir is doing goes beyond politics. It even goes beyond basic human decency, while Islam regards slander as a severe crime. Najib, however, has demonstrated a gentleman’s approach to these attacks and has remained civil in spite of these below-the-belt tactics. Malays have what we call adab.We must refrain from bringing the level of politics down to gutter politics where anything goes and slander becomes the new political culture in Malaysia.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Salleh Said Keruak

1. Parti paling lama di dunia yang masih ada hingga sekarang ialah Demokrat di Amerika dan Konservatif di England.  Demokrat ditubuhkan oleh James Madison dan Thomas Jefferson pada tahun 1792, manakala Konservatif pula oleh Robert Peel pada tahun 1834.  Biarpun paling lama wujud, kekuasaan parti ini sering bertukar.  Di Asia pula, parti paling lama berkuasa ialah Golkar di Indonesia, LDP di Jepun, dan Kongres di India. Parti-parti ini sama bangun dengan Umno, tetapi semuanya sudah tumbang; jika masih ada pun hanya berkongsi kuasa dengan parti lain.

2. Namun, Umno yang berusia 72 tahun masih gagah dan adalah parti yang paling lama berkuasa di dunia.  Bagaimana begitu lama boleh bertahan?  Ini kerana UMNO adalah parti ultra populis.  Dikatakan ultra populis kerana Umno peka kepada keperluan rakyat, memahami aspirasi rakyat, menjaga hubungan baik dengan parti komponen, melindungi rakyat semua kaum, membantu rakyat miskin, dan menjaga kebajikan rakyat.

3. Bukan hanya itu. Di bawah kepimpinan DS Najib Razak sekarang, Umno telah menjadi lebih baik.  Kepimpinannya adalah demokratik dan Islamik. Dikatakan demokratik kerana DS Najib boleh menerima perbezaan politik dan tidak pernah ada dalam rekod kepimpinannya yang rakyat mati atau cedera kerana perbezaan parti. Dikatakan Islamik kerana beliau sedia mengetepikan perbezaan politik dengan Pas demi kepentingan Islam, dan menjalin hubungan baik dengan kerajaan Pas Kelantan demi kesejahteraan orang Melayu Islam di negeri itu. Beliau juga memperkenalkan Indeks Syariah, pertama seumpamanya di dunia untuk menilai dan mengukur keseriusan kerajaan dalam mencapai lima aspek Maqasid Syariah iaitu pemeliharaan agama, pemeliharaan nyawa, pemeliharaan akal, pemeliharaan keturunan dan pemeliharaan harta. Hasil usaha kerajaan ini menunjukkan Skor Indeks Syariah Malaysia bagi tahun 2017 adalah 76.06 peratus, meningkat 0.64 peratus berbanding skor pada 2015 iaitu 75.42%.  Di bawah DS Najib juga, UMNO semakin mantap membela raja-raja Melayu, dan mempertahankan bangsa Melayu dan Bumiputera.

4. Sesungguhnya Umno hari ini adalah parti hebat yang akan memastikan Melayu tidak hilang di dunia, malah kekal maju, dan progresif.  Semua ini boleh dicapai kerana Umno di bawah kepimpinan sekarang adalah parti demokrasi ultra populis yang mendapat sokongan padu majoriti orang Melayu dan rakyat Malaysia.